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    *** March 2020 INLAND Spouse Sponsorship ***

    That’s infuriating. It’s distinctly upsetting that they can be so remiss in their duties and not have a mechanism to allow for *some* leeway when people have been waiting 7 months to even hear a response?! Like, it would be *easy* for them to ask you to submit an updated form with a full...
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    Joint credit card accounts and joint bank accounts, what about supplementary card?

    Honestly, I’d feel pretty funny submitting the application without being able to directly satisfy that requirement. They give you a pretty broad set of options, so I’d want to have at least one. You may as well be in for a pound on this process. The delay involved in getting a name added to a...
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    They may have led you astray. You can do the FBI certificate completely through the mail. Not sure if it’ll be sent back.
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    Spousal Outland PR as a US citizen Commuter?

    I have a concern about this - I believe that one of the conditions required of sponsors is to be a Canadian resident who resides exclusively in Canada, or to show intent to reside in Canada. I worry that your wife’s intent to remain a U.S. permanent resident will be an issue. You might want to...
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    Inland Spousal Sponsorship Proof of Legal Status

    What do you think you would do if you didn’t have a plane ticket (drove to Canada or what-have-you) and had no passport stamp? I applied outland, but if our app gets sent back I’ll probably go the inland route.
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    Don't forget to SIGN your applications

    What is the title of the Facebook group? Also - jeez, how absolutely dismantling. It's nice to see they are working, but you'd think they could bend a *bit* given that it took 6 months to handle the application. I guess I understand, though. A signature is pretty critical. Still, though...
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    MARCH 2020 *Outland* Spousal Sponsorship

    Wow. How could your relationship be more patently legitimate?
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    Where is this spreadsheet that you can add your case to? I’d like to do that so that.
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    Any 2020 applications receiving AOR??

    Check again in 2-3 months? What an outrage.
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    Any 2020 applications receiving AOR??

    Yeah, it kinda seemed like there was some movement. I was pretty excited to mail off my packet, but nothing now. I’ve heard some buzz about an MP who is trying to get some results which is somewhat exciting.
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    Any 2020 applications receiving AOR??

    I can’t believe that there still hasn’t been any movement.
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    I wish I would have done that lol. Just when I got to fedex the guy kinda whirlwinded me into getting the thing into a box and I didn’t want to mess anything up.
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    The The barcode pages don’t require signatures, I believe.
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    I shipped my package off, but I forgot to rubber band or paperclip the whole thing together. It’s paper clipped into four large sections, so I hope it doesn’t fall out of order in transit. It’s in a fedex shipping box that’s a but bugger than the papers, so there’s a bit of room to move around...
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    I may have erroneously paid for biometrics - is this a big deal?

    Hey there - I'm sponsoring my wife who is from the United States. When I originally paid my fees, the tool that I used to determine whether or not we had to pay for biometrics said that we would have to pay for biometrics if my wife was applying for permanent residence. I checked it now, and it...
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    Am I missing anything regarding the payment?

    Is it common practice to put the receipt on top? I just saw that the checklist has the receipt in it in a particular order.
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    Am I missing anything regarding the payment?

    Actually, are you 100% sure of that fact? The checklist had the proof of payment/receipt listed after the application to sponsor. I don’t see any instructions stating that the receipt should be on top.
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    Am I missing anything regarding the payment?

    Hey there - when it comes to actually paying for your application, do you just submit the payment online and include your receipt with your application in the order it appears on the checklist? Is there anything else needed?
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    Middle name on Permanent Resident Photos

    Two. That’s what my checklist called for. Thanks!