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    Points 451

    Will try it soon, thanks bro.
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    Is CEC draw will happening further? After declared two consecutive all program draw!!

    Agree that, Ray of Hope - PNP SEP 30, 2020 and CEC OCT 1, 2020
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    Points 451

    Hi, bro, I have same situation, stuck on 450+ CEC. Let's pray.
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    CEC CRS 448: Should I give new IELTS or wait?

    what an awesome score !!! How can you just receive only 448 ??
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    Ray of hope - FSW - 1

    I partly agree that, as CEC candidate , but I do not think that specific draw would turn to be in the history. Ray of Hope.
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    Ray of Hope - 163rd Draw - All Programs

    So sad, and I have the same situation due to age and going to lose 6 point next week(during 2 weeks draw break), 455 CEC for me next week. Any hope this year?
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    Ray of hope - FSW - 1

    Thanks bro , I am stuck on 461 CEC and going to lose 6 points next week because of the birthday. Hope it will be the combo PNP+CEC tomorrow. Jesus help me pls.