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    Applying for a visitor permit while PR is in process??

    Ok, you have had a lot of the same ideas that I've had as well... My husband was rejected twice.. its more likely your wife will be rejected now that you are actually married if she tries for another visitors visa. They will reject it based on the fact that since you are married she would have...
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    Sponsoring my Peruvian wife to Canada

    The Inside Canada part (Ontario) received my application April12, 2010... It was sent to Lima, Peru on May 12th, 2010: apparently was 'received' by them on May 24th (diplomatic mail is that slow- really?) and it says online that they only started my application on June 3rd. They told me in...
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    Thread for April 2010 Sponsorship Applications!!!

    Thank you MexiCana, it is really nerve racking... especially since its such a waiting game. Just hearing a response like yours makes me feel a lot more comfortable. I hope everything is going well with your application too!
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    Thread for April 2010 Sponsorship Applications!!!

    I just sent my immigration documents out for my peruvian husband last week (April 8th, 2010) and arrived at immigrations in Missasagua on Monday April 12th. Has anyone else sent out their documents this month? I really hope I have everything correct, I organized things as thoroughly as...
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    If you and your husband do not have any dependent children, do the Sponsorship Evaluation. It says you shouldn't use the Sponsorship Evaluation form if your spouse HAS dependent children of his own. This is when you must use the financial evaluation form.
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    Re: IS THERE ANY WAY TO GET A QATAR POLICE CERTIFICATE W/O OLD PASSPORT/EXPIRED If you can't get them the information they require I would suggest just sending them a letter explaining why. If you are honest with them they can be surprisingly understanding. My friends Chilean husband was...
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    Spousal Questions ("living together" vs. Residing vs. Visiting)

    I am a Canadian Citizen who is sponsoring my Peruvian husband to come to Canada. We are just in the process of doing the application forms and have run into a few questions. (We are doing the application for sponsoring your family members who are OUTSIDE of Canada). On the Sponsor Questionnaire...
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    Canadian student sponsor Chinese wife - Is it hopeless?

    It makes me feel a lot better hearing that other students have sponsored their spouses too. I am also a student, 22 years old and going to marry my peruvian fiance in February 2009 who is 23 years old and also a student. I have racked up a few student lines of credit myself so I was a bit...
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    Inland Vs Outland

    I am pretty sure that all applications must first go to the Mississauga office in Ontario. Also it depends how long you want to wait for her PR visa... it apparently the process is longer if you apply IN Canada than if you apply outside Canada... here look at the pros and cons on this...
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    Sponsoring Spouse; Chile or Peru?

    I am wondering if anyone knows the procedures for this.... I am going to be sponsoring my (soon-to-be) husband. He is from Peru and apparently the application processing times are from 9-14 months for the Lima office...
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    Anyone had an interview?

    My friend works at immigrations I have been asking her questions about things regarding sponsoring SPOUSAL (or common-law or conjugal) and she tells me they usually only have interviews if they have a reason to believe you relationship to sponsor is not sincere according to your application...
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    Visa Application Refused - Need Help Re Appeal

    Ok so just to clarify... You are American and she is Canadian? Unfortunately they are very sticky at immigrations, especially when you have an application for permanent residency in the processes. (The majority of people I have seen have all been denied entry into Canada if they had a PR in the...
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    young student sponsoring her peruvian fiance (soon to be husband)

    I am still having troubles. The thing is that in peru, even the websites give the wrong information. When i was trying to get a student visa last year I got all the documents that they said I would require on the website, but when I got to immigration they told me I needed a bunch of other...
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    young student sponsoring her peruvian fiance (soon to be husband)

    Thanks for the responses... just wondering if it would be simpler to marry in Canada then? I'm looking into it, and it seems pretty simple compared to all the crap you seem to go through in Peru. Just that my fiance would need a tourist visa. For the letter of invitation on the tourist visa...
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    young student sponsoring her peruvian fiance (soon to be husband)

    Hi there, My fiance and I are getting married in mid september. I am Canadian and he is from Peru. We are getting married in Lima, Peru. We are already looking into immigration as we know it is a long process. I am hoping to prepare the papers now, and finish his part while I am there in Lima...