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  1. OdinNguyen

    Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2019

    For translations, do they need to be translated by Canadian or I can get it done by our country government service?
  2. OdinNguyen

    Sponsoring Relatives

    How to sponsor relatives?
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  4. OdinNguyen

    declaring sibling in canada mandatory?

    Then just put that information into a letter of explanation only.
  5. OdinNguyen

    Ray of Hope - 105th draw

    Immigration intake has little thing to do with politics but the demand of worker the nation needed to sustain it's economy. Right now Canada is in-short of worker since the working force reducing, especially baby boomers. The politicians just use immigration as the way to manipulate votes for...
  6. OdinNguyen

    Decline of Invitation - Confused with LIMA exempt

    You can always change it after ITA you know? As long as your points will not fall below cut off points of your round.
  7. OdinNguyen

    Good place to stay in Canada and job

    It all depend on your field of expertise. Your cold tolerant. Your life style. Your budget .... I suggest a good start will be take a look at job market in each region using: P/S: for me it's Ottawa
  8. OdinNguyen

    how to explain my 3 years( or maybe 2 years) Canadian working experience

    I don't know who told you that, but you should stop taking advise from that person regarding taxation or immigration. 1. I myself filed income on the first year I had been in Canada on work permit even though I came to Canada on October and only started to work in middle of December. It is...
  9. OdinNguyen

    how to explain my 3 years( or maybe 2 years) Canadian working experience

    1. You should report income no matter how much is your income. Reporting income is not all about CRA taking money from you but it is part of the whole scheme. Base on your income reported, they will calculate your retirement benefit and other benefits also. 2. You should look for an accountant...
  10. OdinNguyen

    Ray of Hope - 102nd draw

    Nothing shock here. If It was in my native language, I will still struggle for sure. I'm not a journalist by birth; But the entire IELTS test is design for people who is prodigy in that counter part.
  11. OdinNguyen

    Ray of Hope - 100th Draw

    Woot? They are building up more hype
  12. OdinNguyen

    Ray of Hope - 100th Draw

    The tie breaker is Sep 6 this year. If you miss 22 Aug mean your profile is older than Sep 6, I don't understand why you miss this round?
  13. OdinNguyen

    Consultancies in GTA Area for Big Data Jobs

    Lot of my friends move to US for work in IT related fields. So I guess there is the door for IT jobs. What I don't understand is that, it is a super longggggggggggggggggggg process and even impossssssssssssssssible to get PR in US. Why are people still moving there? Do they enjoy living the life...
  14. OdinNguyen

    Consultancies in GTA Area for Big Data Jobs

    Unfortunately, I don't think there is in Canada. Canada PR process is like a breeze, only few months and you got your PR. More over, obtaining LMIA for hiring a foreign worker is painful. No one would ever want to do that.
  15. OdinNguyen

    Celpip - Re-evaluation Speaking

    Lol, it is the opposite for me. I find that CELPIP is fairer, more practical and close to real life than IELTS. Maybe, it is the nature of me that I don't know how to lie in front of someone without the scripts. My brain is not made for lying interpersonal communication. I find is so dumb when...
  16. OdinNguyen

    Status period before PR

  17. OdinNguyen

    Status period before PR

    That is not the question though. I am more than aware that I am not qualified YET. It has nothing to do with my question.
  18. OdinNguyen

    Status period before PR

    Maybe I was not clear enough. I was on visitor visa until I receive my OWP somewhere Jun-Jul 2015. Means, I didn't leave Canada during the transition of statuses. Even though the rule apply for both visitor status and worker status (both counted for residency requirement as 1/2 rule), but they...
  19. OdinNguyen

    Status period before PR

    I think you misunderstand my question. I didn't ask about how many days I should buffer. Perhaps, we don't need to use that from when submitting citizenship application then? Why no one seem to know about the form provided by CIC? I know I...
  20. OdinNguyen

    Status period before PR

    So I can estimate the date? Cause visitor or work permit are the same TRV, and will count as the same 1-0.5 days anyway. Am I right?