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    URGENT !!!!!! PLEASE ! - PGWP 90 Days

    Thanks for sharing! I'm really happy for her even though I don't know her haha Hope my situation will get better soon like hers. I applied for a restoration of work permit (PGWP) and that was after 90days since the processing time was too long - it was already after 90days when I got rejected. I...
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    URGENT !!!!!! PLEASE ! - PGWP 90 Days

    Hi guys, I'm in the same situation, PGWP got rejected because I didn't attach proof of graduation, so I've applied for restoration WP. But when I got the refusal letter, it was already after 90days (145 DAYS! I applied that one on May and got refused on end of September) so I explained...
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    PGWP rejected and re-applied with restoration - wanna hear your thoughts!

    Hi everyone, I'm so depressed and desperate because of my situation now. Please Please Please tell me how you feel about it. I've graduated 3 years college program on last April, and applied for Open Work Permit (PGWP) on mid May. That was the first time I applied for PGWP, so I just did...