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    Status changed from PR to Citizen- Impact ?

    If you don't have anything better to answer, just do not respond!
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    Two (2) pieces of personal identification

    Should be perfectly ok.
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    Does requesting ATIP raises RQ

    No. I had requested for ATIP in Nov and received test invite in Mar and scheduled for Oath this month. So not in our case.
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    Address wrong in my AOR.

    Ditto. Call them and have it changed. 1 888 242 2100 I think
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    Citizenship test results, Edmonton Office

    Well I guess its our turn now. Just found out from Call Center that we have been scheduled for Oath on Apr 30th at 8:15 am for the Oath in Edmonton. Here is the timeline Applied Nov 25 2013 In process Feb 17 2014 Test Feb 05 2015 Oath Apr 30 2015 I was told the letter for invite was sent out...
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    Citizenship test results, Edmonton Office

    That's right. Looks like some inconsistency. My friends who wrote test up until Jan 22, were invited for the Oath on Mar 30. Our test was on Feb 05. There have been a few Oath ceremonies scheduled after Mar 30th, (Apr 07 and Apr 09) and no word for us yet as well.
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    Citizenship test results, Edmonton Office

    We had a period of 8 months when my wife was absent from Canada. She was accompanying me (Canadian citizen) and stayed with me while I was on a 8 month work assignment outside Canada.
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    Citizenship test results, Edmonton Office

    The officer said that they will review the file and it may take 2-4 months for the oath invitation. When we call CIC hep desk, we are told everything is looking good and we are waiting to be scheduled for the oath.
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    Citizenship test results, Edmonton Office

    Are there any updates from the applicants who wrote the test in Feb? Our test was on Feb 05 and no sign of oath yet while some I heard are getting Oath dates right after the test in Mar.
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    Oath taking...

    Hi Isabela, When did you write your test in Edmonton?
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    Edmonton applications.

    Looks like 2 more dates have been added for Edmonton Oath ceremonies Apr 07 and Apr 09, 3 sessions each day.
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    eCAS Updates after citizenship test

    No that should be it until they send you the Oath letter.
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    Edmonton applications.

    Jattz, When is your oath date?
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    PR and Citizenship for Child Born Overseas

    Yes you can apply for the baby's citizenship as you've mentioned you were a Canadian Citizen at the time of the the baby's birth. Right after formally landing as a PR you can apply for the citizenship. It'll take whatever is the current processing time when you apply for the processing to...
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    2x identification documents… For a baby.

    Re: 2x identification documents... For a baby. Passport and health card should do. Province like ON will have a photo on the health card but Alberta for example does not have the picture. But you only need one with a photo so the passport should meet that req. health card will be the second one.
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    Citizenship test results, Edmonton Office

    I called the Call Center today and was told my wife's application is now waiting for the Oath ceremony. There seems to be a backlog and we can expect her t be scheduled for the Oath anytime between now and 4 weeks. Her test date was on Feb 05. I know the people who wrote the test up until Jan 22...
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    Applying before eligibility date.

    NEVER do that!! you do not want to save 2-3 weeks and then get stuck with an RQ and wait for years to get it resolved.
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    No local office transfer this normal ...seniors please advise

    My wife just wrote the test in Edmonton and here as never said the file was transferred to local office. So I don't think its an issue.
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    Citizenship test results, Edmonton Office

    in another post youve mentioned your Oath is April 7th. How did you know?
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    Citizenship test results, Edmonton Office

    What is your in process date?