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    Police Certificate Turkey

    I think for the time being your only choice is to contact the nearest embassy.
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    Can’t send sealed envelope to WES

    Hi bro, how are you? How did you sort out the sealed envelope after all? Please guide me I am in the exact same position now!
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    Sending Saudi Arabian General Secondary School Certificate to ICAS

    Gents, Please help! Has anyone sent their Certificate and transcript obtained from Saudi Arabia school to the WES or ICAS? I can't figure out which authority is will to send directly or provide a sealed stamped envelope containing the transcript!
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    Proof of funds

    Please refer to cic official website: If you look at the section of "How much money you’ll need" it says: Include your spouse or dependent children even if they’re...
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    Security screening - how long it will take?

    Eligibility and Security are totally independent, you got remedical to keep your status as eligible. While on the other hand, it is normal to be eligible before being sent to security.
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    What if status changes to married after ITA?

    They had to ask you to redo medical and/or renew your passport to give you a longer COPR expiry date. 40 days for landing is s very short notice! I dont think you are at risk of being in a problem at all, I just think you have to patient and you will get it solved easy. Good luck
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    What if status changes to married after ITA?

    I dont think anyone can tell you what the IRCC decision would be. However, I dont think you have anything to worry about since you have informed them through email and webform. Just give them the email and the ticket number. Just out of curiousity would you please share the COPR date, marriage...
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    Impact of Adding spouse after receiving AOR of Permanent Residency application

    No points recalculation if you get married after e-APR.
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    What if status changes to married after ITA?

    No one can give you the exact timeline, it is so unpredictable depending on your spouse age and history. One more factor is how quick your office is in processing the marriage cases. I have sent them the following documents via email and then raised a CSE: 1- Updated proof of funds (POF) 2-...
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    What if status changes to married after ITA?

    As far as your marriage date is after your AOR which means your application under processing or even after PPR, your score will not be affected and your spouse IELTS is not required.
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    What if status changes to married after ITA?

    You cannot add your spouse to your application unless you are actually married. They will not add your spouse to the application if it is only planned. Now since your AOR is the end of April 2019 so I believe you have done your medical by March 2019 (worst case scenario). Which means, even if...
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    Hello All, Ihave received the COPRs today of myself and spouse. The validity date of my COPR is strange as a primary applicant! I did my remed and it is valid until 18 Mar 2020. While my spouse med is valid until 12 Dec 2019. I was expecting that they will extend her COPR expiry date and put...
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    Police Clearance Saudi Arabia

    Name, Iqama No, and date of birth. PCC issue date. The rest is left empty on mine and my wife’s and we got them from Jeddah and Riyadh. No issue nor expiry dates. If the person in the center is nice he might add ur passport number in purpose section. However if he does or not, IRCC does not care...
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    Police Clearance Saudi Arabia

    Those details are all not important and will not appear in the PCC. Just get the PCC stamp it from the foreign affairs then translate it.
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    Express entry rejected

    Then that's the reason for sure. My friend has done the same mistake. You can't edit the previous express entry application. Create a new one from your main page of the cic account.
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    Express entry rejected

    What about ECA report for education evaluation? Did you choose yes and provided WES report reference as well?
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    ECA for Bachelor's and/or Master's

    Hi, it might differ from country to country, so my answer below isn't country specific. I believe for those who have a master degree on the same major of a bachelor degree, the highest degree is rather enough for evaluation. Ie. in my case, I have both degrees in computer engineering so I...
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    Express entry rejected

    Did you say yes when they asked you about IELTS and ECA reports?