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  1. pitico55

    My landing experience at Toronto (YYZ)

    Once you have your COPR you can't land as a visitor or any other status. You need to use the COPR and the other visas are cancelled upon first landing.
  2. pitico55

    My landing experience at Toronto (YYZ)

    Once you have your COPR, you can only you it the first time you land.
  3. pitico55

    Is proof of address required for G1 test?

    Thanks a lot.
  4. pitico55

    Is proof of address required for G1 test?

    Hi guys. For the G1 test, is a proof of address is required, or one can just provide a friend's address.
  5. pitico55

    About Visa

    It's fine. No worry.☺
  6. pitico55

    My landing experience at Toronto (YYZ)

    The primary applicant should land first. Other than that, no issues.
  7. pitico55

    Job experience

    contract is not a mandatory document. what matters is 1- the ECA for your master's degree and 2- a job letter from the employer with job description matching your chosen NOC.
  8. pitico55

    URGENT-PLZ HELP: Information needed regarding EXPRESS ENTRY

    1- Permanent residence and temporary resident visas are evaluated on different criteria. Previous refusals don't mean you are not eligible or your PR application will be refused. However it depends on the reason of those rejections. 2- yes, you can.
  9. pitico55

    Work History: 2 positions within same company

    Agree.As long as it it the same NOC, fill it according to the job letter you have from the company. If the company mentions both positions in the letter, or provides 2 letters, then you can put 2 lines.
  10. pitico55

    Siblings point

    You will also have to prove that you are already living in Canada. the below text is copied from the document checklist: " You must provide supporting documents to prove: your relationship to your brother or sister your brother or sister's status in Canada (permanent resident or citizen) that...
  11. pitico55

    Unique Client Identifier (UCI) CAN0000XXXXXXXX

    The field is not mandatory. Leave it blank. That's what I did. don't worry, you will be assigned a UCI anyway later on.
  12. pitico55

    Post ITa document scan

    yes you can. just make sure it's color scan even if the doc is in black and white.
  13. pitico55

    Post ITa document scan

    1- Click on the question mark besides your Passport/Travel Documents in the document check list. It says " If you have a passport, you must provide a copy of: the page that shows your birth date and country of origin, and any pages with stamps, visas or markings. " 3- it is highly recommended...
  14. pitico55

    Declining ITA because of change in "past" cirumstances

    No need to decline ITA. You can just explain the discrepancy in LOE.
  15. pitico55

    Work history vs Personal History

    Yes. It's fine. If your CRS is not affected.
  16. pitico55

    Express entry profile

    Same GC key. Same email. No issues
  17. pitico55

    Kids are US citizens but we are not

    1. In Most cases you don't need a lawyer, if you take the time to read the information available on IRCC website and complement it with some research on the forum. You surely can do it all by yourself. 2. You have to include them in the application.
  18. pitico55

    Swop rejected with unclear reasoning.

    If you are sure the document mentioned by the officer is the one you submitted with you application, you can raise a cse, send it again and explain that you initially provided it. With luck you application may be reconsidered.
  19. pitico55

    Old and New Passport

    Only currently valid passport is required.