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  1. Avtar_15

    Correspondence Biometrics Letter. What will happen next?

    Two to three days approximately. Some might takes a week. Depends in VO.
  2. Avtar_15

    Information regarding the bank account in canada for student

    Your name seems Indian so. And it's not a requirement to show funds in Canadian account so tell your brother to transfer the funds to your father or mothers account in Pakistan so apply with that new bank statement. Because the solution you are seeking can't be done without a valid study...
  3. Avtar_15

    Gic confirmation

    Did you check your secure email account of Scotiabank? If there is no update, you can call Or mail them.
  4. Avtar_15

    Information regarding the bank account in canada for student

    Didn't you put your money in your GIC account before applying for visa?
  5. Avtar_15

    Student Visa

    I also used to work in India after my studies in India. And I applied last year and got my study permit. So the only difference is that you work in NZ and I work in India. Work is Work, no matter which country you are in. Just be positive and move on with your process. Good luck. Still...
  6. Avtar_15

    Student Visa

    You are on work permit in NZ right? Not in Canada so it might not be a big deal here but still you have to convince Visa officer about your intentions of studying in Canada and how this will help you build your career further more than you already achieved.
  7. Avtar_15

    I want to study in Canada

    If funds aren't the deal here than why are you worried about your bank statement! Secondly is there any gap between your studies and job? Thirdly you can provide them with your salary slips when you apply, it doesn't matter how much of experience you have unless it's not mandatory for the...
  8. Avtar_15

    Student visa with dependent

    He can apply the day after you start your classes. To make the process even more faster just keep all the rest of the documents ready so that the day you provide him with copy of your study permit and enrollment letter, he can apply. And if there is option of upfront medical, get it done soon.
  9. Avtar_15

    Chances of getting admission and study permit?!

    No one can tell you about your chances of getting study permit. Let me tell you that age is not a concern to study in Canada and you don't have any gap as well so you are good to go.
  10. Avtar_15

    Student visa with dependent

    It's recommended to apply for your spouse after you start your studies in Canada. So that he can includes your enrollment letter and study permit with his application for better chance of getting SOWP approved. But still it's your wish.
  11. Avtar_15

    Information regarding the bank account in canada for student

    It can't be done unless you have a valid status in Canada.
  12. Avtar_15

    Study permit refusal..PLEASE HELPP ITS EMERGENCY

    Please give the full reasons written on your rejection letter so that we can help you better.
  13. Avtar_15

    For admission

    You can only know that by applying so good luck with that. Even if you get offer letter, how you will convince Visa officer about your 60+ backlogs? Just think about that first. And it's the first time I have heard about 60+ backlogs so can't help you with anything. Good Luck Again.
  14. Avtar_15

    Student Visa

    As you are in NZ as of now so I guess you will be applying from NZ. And your file will be processed in Canadian Embassy in NZ. Give your IELTS academics exam and apply in different colleges. You don't have to worry about your academics and work experience, it's looking good to me.
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    Sds or non sds?
  16. Avtar_15

    Medical Exam AFTER Possport Submission

    One simple suggestion: just go for the medical examination and you will be good to go if you pass it.
  17. Avtar_15

    Help me with the CAIPS Solution

    Good luck man. Just Work on your SOP. Hope you will get it this time.
  18. Avtar_15

    Help me with the CAIPS Solution

    Your new score is good. Chose a relevant program according to your previous studies.
  19. Avtar_15

    Help me with the CAIPS Solution

    Yeah you are good to go but still you will have to mention this previous rejection in your new visa filing. Give VO a strong and genuine reason so that he will consider you a good bonafide and genuine student.
  20. Avtar_15

    Approve of funds

    Pay the full fee of your program and show approx 10k CAD as one year expenses.