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    Work permit after joining private college

    It depends on which college he is going to attend and it will mentioned in the college's website If not then send an email to the college and as well as check the below link ...
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    Need Help

    Before reapplying you could have re-taken the ielts exam to have 6+ in each module and no on can exactly tell you if your visa will be approved or not. But hope for the best.
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    Driving Licence in Canada

    Sorry and here I thought it was same all over.
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    Driving Licence in Canada

    Yep get the DL extract as your friends suggested as International driving licence wont work. While applying for G1 License you have to submit the extract and make sure the extract has the same name and details as present in the passport. If you dont bring the extract then you have wait 8 months...
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    SDS offline application

    It used to have offline but now they completely switched to only Online for Sds applications. Scroll down the link to see.
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    This is a public forum and there are no IRCC in here. Usually the max time will be 30 working days under SDS but you might get the answer in 15 to 20 days. It depends on whether if you have fulfilled the reasons on why you had two rejections in the first place.
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    I am guessing you cant as your previous study permit would have become void as soon you withdrew from college.
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    Is student visa possible for particular case[1 year engineering gap]?

    You cant go for masters as the requirement would be 75% and no more than 3 or 4 backlogs something like that.There are graduate certificates which can be either a 1 year course or some are 2 year courses.There might be very few colleges who can take you in with that many backlogs and its all...
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    Student visa rejected! Pls suggest

    Find some one or you can write a strong explanation on why you want to study in Canada and how it will increase the opportunities back home once you are done with the studies and also explain why it is important that you have to go back to home once you are done with the studies.
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    Rules have been changed and 95% of colleges require 6 above on each module and 6.5 overall except for few programs and there is a high probability of getting rejected due to having score below 6
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    One year post graduate certificate in Ontario or 2 year post graduate diploma in nova scotia

    You can either do 2 one year courses and also be eligible for 3 year pgwp
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    2 sem (8 month) PG course = 1 yr PGWP?

    If you do 8 months program then you get a max of 1year pgwp
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    PGWP for 1yr + 1yr courses

    Yes two different 1 year programs will fetch you 3 years pgwp.
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    Is student visa possible for particular case[1 year engineering gap]?

    You have to retake IELTS with 6 atlest in each module and 6.5 above overall because with 5.5 there is a high chance of getting rejected. Try going for graduate certificate and if you are taking up a diploma course you have to give a strong explanation to IRCC why you are choosing that particular...
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    slight miss match in my GIC beneficiary address

    Try mailing them or contacting them is the best solution(Contact them in the working hours) and they will be able to sort it to.
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    2 courses of 8 months

    Yep thats right.
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    Where to upload the emedical form

    No you don't have to do anything.Your medical results will be uploaded from the institution where you gave your medical test.
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    Please advice!

    Your Ielts is going to be a problem because there is a high probability of getting a rejection because every college and uni now requires at least 6 in each module even though you get into a college the IRCC might reject you because of that . Try to Re-take the exam and get 6+ in each modules...
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    Study Permit Expiring Aug , can extend for Jan intake ?

    If you didn't complete the course then you got to have a very strong explanation on why you couldn't complete the course and the chances are slim but there is nothing to lose now as there are no choices for you to consider.