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  1. harpreet470

    Notice of Assessment or Option C

    Hello everyone I am about to sponsor my wife (Outland application)..I just wanted to know have any of you applied with your notice of assessment of the current year instead of Option C print out..and if yes..was the sponsorship approved??
  2. harpreet470

    Has anybody applied visa under Can+ program?

    Hello everybody, My mother has a valid US visa and has also been to US in 2010. She now wants to apply visitor visa for Canada and is eligible for Can+. What I read everywhere on Internet is that she just needs to show her US visa and travel proof while applying for the visa and no other...
  3. harpreet470

    PR Card status who landed in December

    So my fellow members who landed in December....please share your PR card status.. What does it say on ECAS....mine just shows 'Complete' for the PR process
  4. harpreet470

    coutts border landing

    Hello friends.. I am going to land on Coutts border coming Sunday...Can anybody tell me if it is possible to park my car on Canadian side and then walk to the US border? And if it is possible to complete landing on Sunday easily.. thank you for your help
  5. harpreet470

    Re-entry with valid student visa and Post graduation work permit

    Hello, I have a student visa which is valid until 2016 but currently I am on Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) and I want to go to India for one month. So I am confused if I can re-enter Canada with my valid student visa and valid PGWP.... Can someone please help. Thank you.
  6. harpreet470

    My Cousin got the VISA..

    My Cousin got the VISA.. He received his passport just now.. Visa applied on 27th November.. He is coming to Seneca College.. for one year PG certificate course in International Business Management.. Thank you Waheguru Ji All the best everyone :)
  7. harpreet470

    My Experience

    Hello everyone.... i reached Toronto yesterday and wanna share ma experience... It was wonderful.. I had two halts on the way... one in Zurich n one in Montreal.. Immigration officers and all were very helpful n nice people.. got my Study permit from Montreal airport even though i will be...
  8. harpreet470

    date on student visa and study permit

    Hello members, Could you guys please let me know whether the validity date on student visa and study permit are same or do they differ??? Thank you friends :)
  9. harpreet470

    Questions asked at canada Airport

    Hi Friends, as many of us have got the visa and planning to go to Canada, I just want to ask, what kind of questions can be asked by the immigration officer at airport before he will issue us the Study permit. Members who are already in Canada can help and share the same so that we can prepare...