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  1. marnot

    Can I still fill BSF186 form even if I don’t have goods to follow?

    Do I still have to fill BSF 186 even if I don’t have goods to follow? I am about to lave for Canada with just accompanying goods in my carry on and checked baggage. I will take other stuff that I left behind on my next trip to Italy when I’ll be officially a resident. Since I do not have the...
  2. marnot

    BSF186 and declaration card

    Hi, I would just like to confirm if all I need when I land in Canada is COPR and declaration forms (2 copies) and that I don't have to fill any declaration card on the plane. Thanks for your help!
  3. marnot

    ETA for about-to-be Permanent Residents

    Hi, I received PR confirmation 2 months ago and I will soon leave for Canada [I applied outland]. Do I still need to apply for an ETA to enter Canada? I don’t have a PR card nor a PR resident travel document but only the letter of Confirmation of Permanent Resident with me. Thanks!
  4. marnot

    Time to get PR card + COPR expiry date

    HI, I need a wise advice on a choice I have to make. I got COPR a month ago so I'm planning to leave for Canada very soon. The only problem is that I would like to spend Christmas with my family and my elderly grandparents. I initially had in mind to leave in October, request my PR card and...
  5. marnot

    Request of Passport (less than 12 months valid)

    Hi everyone, I just received an email about passport submission steps. They say passport MUST be 12 months valid from the date of the letter (received few days ago),but my passport will expire on March 2020. They don’t say what to do in case your passport is no longer 12 months valid from...
  6. marnot

    After Medical Exam is completed

    Hi everyone, I have been searching for info on this topic but I still haven’t been able to do this operation online. Almost 2 weeks ago I have done my medical exam. The doctor sent me the receipt the same day via e-mail. After the visit she recommended to upload the “information sheet” to my...
  7. marnot

    Forms updated what to do (outland application)

    Hi, I have just sent the package with all the forms signed to my boyfriend in Canada and just found out 2 of them (0008 and 1344) have been updated, right now that I sent it (yes, is called badluck) I’d like to know if anyone has any idea on how long this grace period since my package has yet...
  8. marnot

    Sign/date forms (applicant and sponsor apart)

    Hi everyone. I am printing out all forms so I have a quick question about signatures and dates. Do you recommend to write or type the dates there where is possible to type? My Forms will necessarily have a different date from that of my boyfriend, since we are apart and I am applying Outland...
  9. marnot

    IMM 5669 Education & Personal history

    Hi everybody, I have couple questions about this form. 7. Education In 2104 I attended a course of the duration of 2 months in a College in Canada. Is that relevant? Can I add it on a side with a letter of explanation + college degree certificate? There is no way to type anything in the box...
  10. marnot

    IMM 5532 currently living together or not (Outland Italy)

    Hi everybody, I need your wise advice. I am doing all the papers and about to complete my application package. I have lived for 1 year straight with my boyfriend and I can provide all the proofs required (rental agreement, joint bank account, tax forms, insurance) After the completion of the...
  11. marnot

    Common Law Status with Canada Revenue Agency

    Should we change my Canadian partners status on CRA website before or after I get Permanent Resident Status? Thanks!
  12. marnot

    Outland CL application (time being apart is an issue?)

    So, in May my boyfriend and I have completed 1 year of cohabitation (with no breaks), after which I returned to Italy and he remained in Canada (especially because of his job). We still have to put together all the documents for the application, the question is simple as this: how long can we...
  13. marnot

    Is filing taxes strictly required in order to be eligible to sponsor?

    And if yes, only for the last 12 months prior the application (OUTLAND if it matters)? I need your info and advices! Thanks so much
  14. marnot

    When you apply OUTLAND (shipping of documents/forms)

    I would like to know if when you apply outland (sponsor being in Canada, applicant being in Italy) both of us can ship missing documents or forms individually to Mississauga? Or only the sponsor from Canada can? And that would mean me shipping to him —-> him shipping to processing centre. Unless...
  15. marnot

    Health Insurance Beneficiary for CL (help please)

    Hi everyone, like I wrote in some other thread, among my list of proof of 1 year cohabitation with my boyfriend (or partner or whatever you are called before becoming CL) I don’t have any health insurance shared or me being beneficiary of his health plan. In just a few more days we will...
  16. marnot

    Proof of 1 year cohabitation (are these sufficient?)

    Hi, I would like to know if my proof of 1 year continuous cohabitation are sufficient or if not being included on his job health insurance could be penalizing. Honestly I didn’t know that as just his girlfriend I could be added as beneficiary (!!!). Of course I have lots of proof of relationship...
  17. marnot

    Digital Photo on the online application for visitor extension

    Hi, I am trying to upload all documents to my checklist for extension of my visitor status. So a digital photo is required. As I don’t have a professional photo taken recently, can I take a picture of myself following all the requirements? Thanks!
  18. marnot

    Actual boyfriend—>feature common law partner: definition? (extension visitor status form)

    Hi, Before deciding of posting this thread I want you to know I talked to IRCC so I asked them too. But while I was reviewing my answers (those required to get the document checklist), uploading my forms for the extension of my tourist visa (in order to complete 1 year cohabitation) I got a...
  19. marnot

    Extension of a Tourist Visa passed the “30 days before expiration” (Italian in Canada)

    Hi, I briefly explain my situation. - I arrived in Canada last May 5 (2017) with the plan to complete a year of cohabitation with my boyfriend and then fly back to Italy and proceed with the application from there (Common Law Outland application) - In september 2017 I extended my Tourist Visa...
  20. marnot

    OUTLAND CL application/Can I visit my boyfriend?

    Hi to you all, In may I will complete 1 year of living with my boyfriend here in Canada. Then I will go back to Italy and start the application from there (my country of residence). I wondered if it was a possibility to come to visit my boyfriend at least once without running into the risk of...