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  1. chilkootcee

    Requirement to settle upon landing...

    Hi all, I see that those who have received COPR prior to Mar 18, 2020 are allowed to come to Canada to land but only if they plan to settle upon arrival. Is this a new requirement or has it been in place since the COVID restrictions on travelling to Canada were put in place? For reference...
  2. chilkootcee

    Landing in Canada with stopover and Quarantine

    If this question is in the COPR and coronavirus thread, please let me know, but I wanted to create a thread specifically about landing in Canada and having a quarantine plan. My brother in law in planning to land this summer. He already has his visa and COPR (lucky). I assume his flights will...
  3. chilkootcee

    Certificate of Departure with no deportation order....what next?

    I have some friends who managed to obtain a visa to the US then tried to cross the border into Canada but didn't know about the Safe Country agreement and so they tried crossing at a regular border crossing. They were issued a IMM056 Certificate of Depature and none of the departure order boxes...
  4. chilkootcee

    ADR for CV and Form for Student - but I'm not a student!

    Hi all, Just asking this question for my brother-in-law who has applied to immigrate to Canada under Express Entry. He's Syrian, working in IT, living in the UAE. He recently received a request to submit a CV and a Supplementary Information Request for Students. The CV part I understand (I...
  5. chilkootcee

    Comparison of immigration consulting fees

    Hi everyone, I'm a Canadian with lots of friends overseas who want to come to Canada and I'm so tired and upset at hearing their stories about immigration consultants charging large sums of money to create an express entry profile when their likelihood of getting an ITA is low etc. I created...
  6. chilkootcee

    Gratuity payment from employer before moving processed after arriving

    My husband worked up until the day before we left the UAE and subsequently his gratuity payment was processed after we landed in Canada. Does this mean he would have to pay taxes on this gratuity payment even though it is an amount based on his employment prior to moving to Canada? Thanks.
  7. chilkootcee

    Landing timeline after getting PR approval for OINP applicants

    Hi all, I'm wondering if it is possible, under OINP and subsequent PR approval, to land within the required timeline, then return to current country of residence to complete work contract commitment. Work contracts tend to be 2 - 3 years...and so the timing of the ITA and passport request /...
  8. chilkootcee

    Transit visa at Schipol Airport required for Canadian PR?

    Good morning. I was pretty sure when I researched visa requirements at the time of our flight booking that PR card holders do not need a transit visa (we are flying Dubai - Amsterdam - Calgary). But I thought I would check and I can't seem to find the same info...Schipol Airport page says a...
  9. chilkootcee

    Forum similar to this one for US immigration??

    Hey all, I have a friend who is being sponsored to the US by her husband who has a green card in the US...does anyone know of a forum that is similar to this one for getting help and information from peers / people going through the same process? Also, I posted a question in the PR Settlement...
  10. chilkootcee

    Timeline and tips for applying for US tourist visa

    Hey all, Does anyone have any experience recently in applying for a tourist / visit visa to the US from Calgary? I know the US Consulate will process visa applications there and I see from their website that 1) apply online and pay a fee 2) book an interview at the US consulate (website is...
  11. chilkootcee

    When does new PR (spouse) have to begin paying taxes?

    Hey all, My husband landed last year and then we both came back to UAE to finish up our contracts and to look for work (while we have work) before moving to Canada (insha'allah by June this year). My question is...when does he have to start paying tax on his income from the UAE? I file forms...
  12. chilkootcee

    Getting visit visa to the US after becoming PR

    Hey all, My husband (Canadian PR) and I would like to visit the US this year for the eclipse and are just wondering if anyone has experiences as a PR in applying for / obtaining visit visa to the US from Calgary. If you could share your experience here, that would be great. If you are Syrian...
  13. chilkootcee

    Citizenship and Immigration Committee - meeting transcipts

    Hey all, You might find the transcripts of the Citizenship and Immigration Committee meetings informative and useful. It shows more of the inner workings and intentions of CIC. I've never taken my Canadian citizenship for granted and proud that our governance process is open...
  14. chilkootcee

    Citizenship and Immigration Committee - Meeting information

    Hey all, You might find the transcripts of the Citizenship and Immigration Committee meetings informative and useful. It shows more of the inner workings and intentions of CIC. I've never taken my Canadian citizenship for granted and proud that our governance process is open...
  15. chilkootcee

    Have any refugees or their sponsors ordered GCMS notes?

    Just wondering if any refugees or sponsors on this board have ordered GCMS notes? Typical 30 day wait? Were the results useful? Thank you in advance. C.
  16. chilkootcee

    Syrian refugees in Turkey - share your timelines

    I have a friend who is a refugee in Turkey waiting for the decision for their family to come to Canada under the refugee program....any others waiting in Turkey? We could share experiences and support each other here... They applied Mar 1, had two interviews, medical complete and now...
  17. chilkootcee

    Those applying for parent or grandparent SUPERVISA - share your experiences here

    Hello everyone, I'm sure many of you who have settled have applied for supervisas for your parents / grandparents. Here is a place to share your experiences / questions. My husband's parents are from Syria and with the war going on, I'm not sure if they will be able to obtain a supervisa...
  18. chilkootcee

    Private sponsors of refugees - share your experiences and expertise here!

    Hi all, Let's have a thread for all private sponsors or those wishing to become a sponsor / contributor (individuals, community groups, sponsorship agreement holders, group of 5, BVOR) to share their experience and support each other. I went through the experience of sponsoring my husband (who...
  19. chilkootcee

    Supervisa for Syrian parents - is it possible?

    Hello all, My in-laws are currently living in Syria and I'm wondering what their chances are of getting a supervisa. I assume the chances are slim because they are living in a war zone and the visa officer will not have enough proof to think they will want to return to Syria (even though...
  20. chilkootcee

    ACRONYMS - link to list and some needing definitions

    I've made some changes and additions to the Acronyms There are a few that are not defined - if anyone knows them, please update the list :) BDEC DD FCR FCU OCC PRPC :) C.