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    Quebec Investor Program : Current Timeline (6 years 4 Months)

    Yes we are going together .... :P
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    Quebec Investor Program : Current Timeline (6 years 4 Months)

    Any updates XpressEnterprise? Thank you ....
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    Quebec Investor Program : Current Timeline (6 years 4 Months)

    Congrats and thank you for the detailed explanation. We really appreciate it!! I have been asked to submit my passport now, so see you soon in Montreal :)
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    BC PNP Regional Entrepreneur Category

    Have to do exploratory visit for that
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    Dependent Child Removal issue!!

    Just write an affidavit (from your father) mentioning the same prior getting landing papers. No harm in trying.
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    Quebec investors after getting CSQ to get visa

    do you have a lawyer/ consultant? If yes, he will brief you and banker's lawyer will accompany you during interview.
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    Question for Provincial Nominee Program for Business in Manitoba.

    If PR you get is unconditional then you can move immediately by loose your deposit amount.
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    Medical and Right of Landing fees

    You applied under which category ? Your Visa office ?
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    Manitoba Business Immigration Under PNP-Move out of Manitoba

    YES Will not affect your PR Status and will not make any effect on obtaining citizenship and PR status will not be disturbed; just you loose your deposit
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    Quebec Investor - Share your information here

    Its Canada. 9 months they hibernate under the snow :P
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    Our Prayers with killed & injured - 3 killed and 45 injured in train derailment

    3 killed and 45 injured in train derailment in Canada (CNN) -- At least three people were killed Sunday when a passenger train derailed near Toronto, Canadian officials said. All three people were employees of Via Rail Canada, Michelle Lamarche, a spokeswoman for the railway, said, calling...
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    Everything looks good from far!!!!! Advise from my Heart.

    Yes it's true "if you have good job or good business" With due respect to all, I don't understand why some of us respond out of context. Someone took an effort and wrote his experience (after going through the entire immigration process); we should respect his input. What to decide is solely...
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    Been here almost a year, Canada not so great

    Well that's true. I was rather much disappointed when I landed Toronto airport. Things were not rosy as it appeared from statistics and ranks in the media. Probably I lived all my life in Dubai and had travelled to several countries made me compare with several cities around the world.