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    July 2018 AOR - join here

    Hi Friends, I also has AOR on 7th July. But not yet update anything about Medical. I have diabetes :(. Time period is still within the limit??
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    Getting Driving License - Ontario

    Hi Friends, I need to get the driving license from Ontario and noted that we need to obtain letters from home country for the experience. Can someone guide me to letters from the following countries? Sri Lanka - Saudi Arabia (City - Riyadh) - It is a great help if you can share your...
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    Proof of Funds required 6 months record?

    Hi Wife had an account in local currency. So since I am the main applicant, she needs to give me the permission to use. So she wrote a letter to give permission for me to use funds as my wish. Hope it clarifies. Thanks
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    Proof of Funds required 6 months record?

    Hi, I had 1 local currency and 1 USD account. Local currecny account was in wife name. So, I provided a letter of permission to use funds. But I did not give 6 months statements. Instead I provided only bank confirmation which states depsoit date.
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    July 2018 AOR - join here

    Yeps. It is done finally ;)
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    Procedure to obtain Saudi Arabia Police Clearance Certificate

    Hi friend In my opinion this will not be an issue. Get something from police before you leave. And in case they do not give by 12, then just ask whether someone else can collect the letter on your behalf.
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    July 2018 AOR - join here

    Hi Friends, I submitted my docs today and received AOR today as well. How to join whatsapp group?
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    Just before payment, closed ITA application

    Thanks, friend. I was really panic :(. And thought, I might have to restart the whole process. Yes. It was there. thanks
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    Just before payment, closed ITA application

    Hi friends I was about to do the payment for PR with the documents submission. Then I accidentally closed the tab before making payment. Now, application cannot open as usual. What should I do now ? Can I assume that documents submitted without payment ??? How to make the payment now ...
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    Can I send both my Wife's and My documents for ECA to WES in one envelope?

    Though I told my university to send separately, they have sent together. But nothing happened. They provided the evaluation on the agreed date.
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    Till when to maintain funds shown as POF

    Hi Do we need from the same bank? Cant we give it from a different bank?
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    POST ITA Document checklist

    Hi Friends, I received ITA in the last draw. Initially I saw detail check list with the description. For Example, employment record - Company name. Police report - Saudi Arabia, etc. However, now it is disappeared. Anyone knows anything?
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    Spouse Work Experience

    So, what should I do to remove it? can i keep it blank?
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    Spouse Work Experience

    Hi But If we have her experience letters, it is not harm to attach it right?? In my case also she has non canada experience.
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    Where I can find UCI - Unique Client ID

    Yeah thanks lot. I found it finally.
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    Where I can find UCI - Unique Client ID

    Hi Friends, I have a quick clarification on UCI number. I received ITA yesterday, but I cannot figure out what is this number. There is EE number in the PDF msg. Please assist to find this. Thank You
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    ITA Receivers - June 25th - 93rd Draw

    Great. I received ITA today with 449. Better to have this thread as there may be several questions on Post - ITA process.
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    Ray of Hope - 93rd Draw

    Just got the invitation friends. Thanks for the support for all. Lets go to the next phase. Congrats to all
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    We are processing your background check

    Have you visited your home country Canada Embassy? And what questions they asked? Thanks for the help.