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  1. tobs

    Owner operator LMIA, Work permit and PR

    Hey CanadavisaQs. I just wanted commend you for an interesting and enlightening thread. Sharing your updates, successes, failures and answering all the questions on here has been admirable. I'm rooting for you to get your positive 00 LMIA and eventually, PR.
  2. tobs

    Owner operator LMIA, Work permit and PR

    I hope you applied already. Like CanadavisaQs already mentioned you do not need to wait for the work permit to use the LMIA for EE.
  3. tobs

    Dubai unpaid debt

    Hi. I don't know if there's any formula, however just state it as clearly as possible that your POF is independent of the monthly mortgage you're paying. Again in my opinion, credit card debt should be declared and shown to be separate from the POF. Meaning that you can easily pay off the debt...
  4. tobs

    Will I get an ITA. bit confused with this whole thing.

    Hopefully today's draw has a lower cutoff score than your CRS score, however looking at the number of people in the pool with a CRS score above 471, It's difficult to predict.
  5. tobs

    COPR and coronavirus

    You did the smart thing.
  6. tobs

    Received one paper with copr approval but no visa stamp or no photo affixed copr

    Two things.1. You can send a web form asking for update/ next steps. 2. You can resend upire passport with photos to the Visa office. However I'll advjce that you do #1 and not #2 at this time for fear of your passport going missing.
  7. tobs

    Urgent assisstance required for Work history changes after AOR

    I don't see the benefit in doing that. You were married at the time you applied, adding a spouse now midway may raise eyebrows.
  8. tobs

    Urgent assisstance required for Work history changes after AOR

    Is your application in progress (already submitted)? If yes, why does it matter if you claim 2 years or 1 year since you already got an ITA & applied.
  9. tobs

    ¡HELP! Part-time work experience while studying dilemma - FSW

    I read your question differently. Sorry about that.
  10. tobs

    Covid-19/Canada Emergency Response Benefit

    Looks to me like you are. Definitely call CRA to find out if in doubt.
  11. tobs

    Post-AOR Layoff (covid-19) and Job Offer (Express Entry)

    You already had the required 1 year work experience for which you claimed points?
  12. tobs

    14 day quarantine - stay in Vancouver or transit to Toronto?

    If you do not show any symptoms for Covid, you will be allowed to continue your travel to Toronto wherein you can isolate for 14 days.
  13. tobs

    EE profile withdrawl

    You haven't gotten your ITA yet? Then do not withdraw your profile. You can update it if things change.
  14. tobs

    Increased PR application fee starting April 30, 2020

    Agreed! Hey Scylla, which Province do you reside in (if it's okay to ask).
  15. tobs

    COPR and coronavirus

    Have you reached out to IRCC about this. That's suitable grounds for exemption imo. Send them any proof you have that you were denied boarding. Good luck
  16. tobs

    ¡HELP! Part-time work experience while studying dilemma - FSW

    If you worked part time, you can't claim full time work experience.