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    Tax Query: Moves to Canada as a PR on July.

    should I be filing my taxes separately or with my spouse for Canada? i don't have any T4 since I didnt have any income for 2019 and was a newcomer
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    Tax Query: Moves to Canada as a PR on July.

    Hi all, I quit my job in US and moved from US to Canada as a PR on 29 July . I have been unemployed in Canada for the entire 2019. I have received my W2 and know that I will need to file my tax in US( I will be filing it with married filing separate). My spouse has been living and working in...
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    Nre/NRO account -SIN related query

    I visited one of the banks in India to open NRe/NRO account, and I have been asked to provide my Sin number. Should I? Looks like without tax ID they can't activate the account.
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    Airport Kiosk query

    Thankyou @Hurlabrick ... i got the gtf and gta list stamped during my soft landing.. after that i have been to Canada multiple times and each time have asked the officer to cross some items from the goods to follow list.. my husband is already there.. Next time i go will be for good/final...
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    Airport Kiosk query

    thankyou @Hurlabrick ... i will put as U.S. then.
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    Country/place of residence

    thanks @harirajmohan.... it's not a form... at the airport... there is a automated kiosk(primary inspection kiosk) where you need to fill a bunch of questions as soon as you land... once that is done... you see the officer...
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    Bringing in goods to follow form USA

    I only know the answer for 1 question that you have... yes you can get your stuff in multiple trips. I have done so.
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    Country/place of residence

    Hi all, I have already completed my PR landing formalities and after that have visited canada multiple times. At the airport kiosk there is a question called "place of residence" which i have always put as U.S. However now i.e. next time I am planning to move to canada for good. What should I...
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    Airport Kiosk query

    can others chime in as well... who have already gone through this?
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    Airport Kiosk query

    thankyou @zardoz ..
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    Passport stamping for permanent residents and foreign nationals

    thankyou ... i thought so... that the 6 month thing should probably be for visitor
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    Airport Kiosk query

    Hi all, I have completed my PR landing formalities and planning to move to canada sometime next week for good. At the kiosk there is a question called "Country of residence". Since I moving to canada for good, should I mention it as canada instead of U.S.? Not sure if it matters but just wanted...
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    Passport stamping for permanent residents and foreign nationals Passport stamping for permanent residents and foreign nationals The CBSA no longer stamps all passports at airports with Primary Inspection Kiosks. If you need a stamp in your passport as a proof of entry into Canada you...
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    change of address (US to Canada)

    Thankyou @cananner for letting me know
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    Steps to export the vehicle from USA to Canada...

    Hi all, I have almost completed all the prerequisites to export my car i.e. until registering at the AES direct website to get the ITN number. I am yet to formally export the car via U.S. Customs and Border Protection and import it at the canadian end by filling form-1 and all. However I am...
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    USPS International Mail Forwarding ( US to Canada)

    I did some checking with my teammates who moved from US to Canada, they said Canada does not allow forwarding, hence they gave their friends/relatives domestic address. Not sure how true it is.
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    H1B grace period

    I don't think any attorney will be able to give a concrete answer for this as at the end of the day it's up to the DHS discretion to either cancel or shorten the grace period when we go again to apply for a change status/ different visa. As long as I don't stay for the entire 60 days and am...
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    USPS Mail Forwarding from US to Canada

    Hi all, The below is what is specified at the USPS site for International change of address. Has anyone used the underlined option below and started receiving forwarded US mails at Canadian address without any issues? How do I File a COA for an International Address? You cannot submit a...
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    PCC in USA - Need Help !!

    I went through the Electronic as well back in Feb/March 2018 when it had just started. Got everything within a week and my PR application is approved as well. You should have no problem with this option.