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    PR Sponsor Living outside Canada, Help!

    Your husband is a citizen so he has the option to apply from outside of Canada. PR holder do NOT have this option. If he still decide to do it he risk being denied due to misrepresentation (and getting in troubles...)
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    IMPORTANT I need help with mailing photos for COPR

    You should have got a PPR letter with the exact instruction. You should send the pics, form with your details and your passport or a copy. It all depend on where the PA is from and if youre in Canda or not and again the letter should give you all the info
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    Sponsoring my husband from Colombia

    Are you sponsoring your husband? If so then yes you have to send his birth certificate translated to english (check for the translation roles) not only if he lives in Canada, look again thats a different box.
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    Spouse Sponsorship

    Yes, thats an option
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    Spouse Sponsorship

    As i understand you are in Canada and you fiance is in India, so have 2 options: 1.Go there and get married (you cant call or have proxy marriage), then come back here and apply for an outland sponsorship. She will have to wait in India during the process unless you get get a visitor visa for...
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    Immigrant visa

    Youre not so clear,.. are you asking if applying for PR give you a legal status? If thats the question then the answer is no. You need to keep legal status as a visitor, WP, student etc. If youre applying inland you can ask for WP at the same time
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    Passport request question

    Follow the instruction on the ppr letter. In case of an outland app, he will need to send it to the VAC. My experience was good, we got the passport back in about two weeks (VAC Bangkok, sent to Singapore) But I heard it can take 4-6 weeks. If he is outside Canada not sure you can send it to...
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    Landing Letter?

    Dont worry your medical status will change once you will get to this stage. Yes everyone need to do it. COPR is Confirmation Of Permanent Residence. Thats the last paper which you will use to do the landing and get your PR. I guess you still have time until this stage.
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    Hello i applied for PR in spouse class. My wife lives there. I filed on 16th of august 2018 .. and m

    It depend on many factors so nobody can answer that. Hold tight and when theyre done they will let you know
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    Landing Letter?

    If you gave them an email address all communication will be through email. Your copr (and visa if needed) will be the only thing sent by mail
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    Got pr

    Your WP is not valid anymore and you cant use it as you are now a PR. As far as I know crossing from the US by car dont require pr card and you can use your copr instead. Look into that as I am not sure if driving a truck is the same.
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    Should I volunteer this information?

    As I said, I would tell them. its a positive thing to support your case
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    Should I volunteer this information?

    How long you were there? short trips are allowed (2-3 weeks or so) so you dont need to hide it. And yes in my opinion it can help your interview to show that both of you had a family visit together. Id bring the photos, flight tickets etc. Good luck.
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    Police check

    Your question is not clear. How long to get the certificate? again its depend. Contact the relevant police and ask. An no you cant sent your app without police certificate. They will send it back. (unless its a requirement of the country that IRCC will ask for the certificate and then you have...
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    Keeping status help!

    You can apply for a visitor visa. That will give you the legal status until youll get the WP
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    Police check

    From every country youve been living in for more than 6 months, except Canada (IRCC will check it directly with the police) even if youve sent it with your WP you need to send it again How long? depend on the country. Some days some months.
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    Its wont be returned but they will check it. If they will find you have an active account which you use all the time but have nothing about your spouse it might be a problem. but if you dont have one or have one which you dont use (like me) it wont be a problem at all. My wife use Facebook all...
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    Common-law sponsorship- are you able to leave while awaiting PR

    Thats a complete answer. But he was asking about 5 month leave,and so the short answer is no.
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    Help, please

    Try here
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    Common-law sponsorship- are you able to leave while awaiting PR

    I guess you applied inland? if so the answer is no. You have to stay in Canada. Once he will get his PR then you will be able to do it.