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    OCI process

    I recently applied for OCI miscellaneous as old passport was changed to new. I received the OCI booklet but not asked to submit my original canadian passport for U-sticker. has this process been changed no need for U-sticker in passport? Another question is about the old OCI booklet. I have...
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    car loan help needed

    how will this work as loan has to be paid in full before switching to lease. i dont have money to pay off the loan
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    car loan help needed

    i have purchased a car on loan in nov 2017. i am paying my biweekly payments on time. is it possible to switch from loan to lease option. has anyone did this?. technically to do this do i have to first sell the car to same same dealer i purchased and then lease it back with same dealer?
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    sunview condo and Sage X condo in Waterloo

    Hi, is any invester or realtor aware of this project for student housing in kitchener waterloo area. Has any one purchased or did analysis on investment. This housing is getting saled as furnished apartments with 2 years of guaranteed rental agreements. first 2 years property management and...
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    Airbnb host

    is there anyone hosting his place on airbnb. I am new and recently hosting on airbnb please help me understand my obligations towards insurance. Should i inform insurance and what should i tell them as i get different host and majority of time the place is vacant only on seasonality you get more...
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    OHIP card question

    Hi, I like to know what difference it makes if we don't update our citizenship status from PR to Canadian citizen in OHIP record as many people forget after acquiring citizenship to update this status. Is PR and citizen treated differently in OHIP coverage.
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    rental house utilities

    I am scratching my head to understand why people when renting their house put the utilities on tenant. why tenant pays the utilities if there is provision to deduct this expense from income. Lets say we get $1500 rent per month and $200 utilities. if we combine both we can actually subtract...
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    i have a question on Mortgage interest

    If Mortgage interest for investment property is tax deductible then why would one care to buy low interest loan or payoff loan earlier. technically not having a mortgage on investment property gives no benefit.
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    House Price

    Bottom line is buying free hold detach/semi or townhouse is better option than condominium townhouse or condo with fees
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    any one living in a condo building or condo townhouse

    I like to know if you buy a condo or a townhouse with high maintenance fees what actually happens does this high fees create a lot of financial burden.. When its time to sell does these condo get sold out easily. has anyone been in a situation that he is need of selling his condo and unable to...
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    Condo building versus semi/detached/townhouse (need help)

    Hi, I need advice on buying a house in todays hot housing market of Toronto and Mississauga. Lately I notice buying semi/detached/townhouse is out of hand since every house is going with 15+ offers and bidding and houses are getting sold ~200K above asking price bringing typical house prices...
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    House Price

    I am happy to get a good advice and what you said I will evaluate whats best for me. one question did you hear about icona condos. the way they are advertising if we don't invest in it we may loose a fortune. I personally don't like investing in condo as they don't appreciate and also high condo...
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    House Price

    I live with parents and that house is mortgage free. Our investment property is on mortgage. Do i pay off this property soon or just live with mortgage. Any future cash i get from saving do i buy another house or just pay my mortgage and be mortgage free less than 25 years
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    House Price

    Thanks very informative. Can you also help reply my question as what option works well.
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    House Price

    sorry i meant to say equity built on house not appraisal
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    House Price

    quick question guys... I see buying house these days is very expensive. Even if one can afford to buy house on mortgage, the equity on these house in 5 - 7 years wont be much may be less than 50K to 100K Is it worth if someone already has investment property and instead of buying 2nd investment...
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    question on Title insurance

    Usually home inspectors don't go and tear apart dry wall or break concrete to find if electrical wiring was done properly or the plumbing work done with proper code and having proper vent pipes. These things work for life and never get noticed unless someone has flood or fire in basement and...
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    not sure if my girlfriends children are Canadian Citizens

    thank for the reply. last sentence does not make sense. if my child has been totally disconnected from his origin country and never been or seen that country. how can my childs child be penelized not to be Canadian. what if my son was travelling and deputized for some job elsewhere and my...
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    question on Title insurance

    Let say I purchase a property and after certain year I find out the basement which was done by previous owner is not done through permit and proper building code. Now if I am doing any rework in basement city is asking to correct the building codes. TO correct it will cost $$ amount. Will this...
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    not sure if my girlfriends children are Canadian Citizens

    oh confusing :o lets say me and my wife we both came to Canada on PR. then got citizenship as well our 2 kids. Now if I move to another country as a Canadian family will my 3rd child born outside Canada wont have Canadian citizenship ? in spite the fact both me and my wife is canadian