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    Living in Canada. Workibg for company in Dubai.

    Hi I am in a similar situation. My email is Did u have any updates. Kindly share. Regards Srinivas
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    Available Apartment/Room for rent in Central Toronto -

    Hi, Confirm if the apartment can be alloted for a small Indian family arriving toronto on 9th August Regards Srinivasan
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    House Share

    We are a family of 3 moving to Toronto in Aug 11th. Is there good High schools near by so that we can take a call as my son will be going to 11. Also we are a vegeterian South Indian family Share more details to
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    Full Furnished 1 Bed Room apartment at Toronto

    Hi, Can I have more details as we are planning to move to Toronto by Mid June from UAE. Also if you can provide details of schools available nearby will be of help. My email id is Regards DS
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    Toronto-Best place to get a survival job

    I am also interested in case if people can help us settle in canada.We are moving by July and would like to do my homework for easy settlement. Srini
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    Toronto family offering Temporary Sharing Accomodation now( April to July)

    Dear Kumar, We are a family of 3 ( me wife and a son) relocating to Canada from UAE during July. I may visit before during May. After July what happens if we take the sharing accomodation. Can we continue and is it possible for the rental deed to be converted so as to continue. My email is...
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    Education of teens in Canada

    Thanks for providing details on the education system. I am interested to know the process by how my son will be admiitted to Gr 11 as he has written his CBSE Gr 10 exams. Could u guide us. Our mail id is Regards Srinivas
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    Hi I am interested from July 2014- Sep 2014. Can u provide more details My id is Srini
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    Looking for short term furnished apartment in city of Toronto

    Hi, I am moving to Toronto by first week of July 2014, We are a Indian family of 3 Any one can suggest suitable accomodation till we find a permanent one will be of help Regards Srini
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    LANDING IN CANADA ??? -All You Need To Know.

    Dear Captain (Qorax) I had been reading all your posts which contains lot of useful information for new immigrants and thanks for the same. I have a question:- We have to land in July, and currently in UAE. Once upon landing in Toronto, we would like to visit my brother who is in the US. We...