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  1. winterdiva

    Visitor visa questions

    1. My parents have Indian passports. They’ll be visiting my sister in the USA for a few months. Can they apply for Canada visitor visa from USA? We have our PR, but didn’t move yet. They want to apply after we move. 2. After the initial 6 months in Canada, Can they go to USA for 6 months and...
  2. winterdiva

    PR extension condition (2/5 years) and Covid-19

    Hi all, I was wondering if there is any relaxation to this rule given the current Covid situation? I heard job situation is pretty dire. If we don't move to Canada in the next few months, we'll be very close to not meeting the 2/5 requirement for PR extension. Appreciate thoughts on this...
  3. winterdiva

    Moving to Canada - Canadian tax on disposing foreign assets

    I have a limited company here in the UK with about CAD 100k profits in it. It is currently dormant. I will be closing the company a few months after I move to Canada. There will be no appreciation whatsoever between my moving date and company closing date. As per my understanding, I will not...
  4. winterdiva

    Renting a house before moving

    That’s crazy! Why did you have to give 6 months rent in advance???
  5. winterdiva

    Renting a house before moving

    Hi all, We are preparing to relocate to canada permanently in a few months time. I was wondering if we can rent a house before we land? My cousin is a student in Toronto, so he can go and check out the place etc. Having a home to go straight away is so convenient! we won’t have jobs when...
  6. winterdiva

    Moving furniture into Canada

    Very informative thread. Thank you
  7. winterdiva

    Travel to Canada - Settling in Help

    I was advised on this forum not to rely on travel insurance. If something happens, the insurance company will attempt to repatriate to your home country.
  8. winterdiva

    Job hunt strategy - what worked for you?

    Thanks Navin. We are not into hard core programming/dev. Ours is Business/Data Analysis/PM kind of work.
  9. winterdiva

    Job hunt strategy - what worked for you?

    Hello everyone, We have started preparing for the move next spring/summer. All very exciting but extremely worried about finding a job esp with all the negativity around not having "Canadian experience" I'm starting this thread to gather strategies that worked for others. What is it that I...
  10. winterdiva

    Canada PR - Non Compliance letter - Medical SURVEILLANCE

    Hi all, sorry I forgot to update. We sent an email explaining that we will be moving permanently next year and send them evidence of informing Toronto public health nurse about this. They responded saying its ok and they will update our file with our evidence.
  11. winterdiva

    How long do we have before we have to move?

    Hi all, We landed in May 2019 and have our PR cards. We had to return to the UK to sell our house, liquidate investments etc in preparation for the move. Our initial plan was to move in May 2020, but due to Brexit we are struggling to sell our house (and investment properties). I was...
  12. winterdiva

    Canada PR - Non Compliance letter - Medical SURVEILLANCE

    Hi Sachin, We are in a similar situation. We did a soft landing and reported to a local public health nurse who confirmed in writing that we met the initial requirement for medical surveillance. Public health asked us to report back when we moved to Canada permanently. We received an email...
  13. winterdiva

    Soft landing Q

    I have the same questions. Please can anyone answer? Thank you
  14. winterdiva

    Travel Insurance - Soft Landing

    Please can anyone help me ? We have our COPRs and will be visiting Canada later this month for our landing. We will be returning to UK in a week. Our plan is to move permanently next year. Would a normal travel insurance be fine for us to cover our 1 week stay in Canada? Will we be treated as...
  15. winterdiva

    Travel Insurance - Soft Landing

    Would travel insurance be valid if we are entering the country for settlement?
  16. winterdiva

    Travel Insurance - Soft Landing

    Bumping for responses...
  17. winterdiva

    Travel Insurance - Soft Landing

    Hi all, We will be landing later this month. Please can anyone tell me if its ok to take a normal travel insurance to cover us for the 1 week we'll be there? Thanks!
  18. winterdiva

    IT Jobs - Kelowna vs Waterloo

    Hi all, Between Kelowna BC and Waterloo ON, what is best for IT jobs? My husband and I Data/ Business analysis experience and we are planning to settle in a smaller town/city.
  19. winterdiva

    Soft landing - Can I stay in Waterloo?

    Thanks all! I’m assuming some (if not all) of you live in Kitchener/Waterloo? If yes, please can you help me with some more info on the area? We are planning to settle down there. If you can answer some questions for me, pls let me know and I will PM you.