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    Guidance needed for spousal visa

    a. Is the spousal sponsorship application by a Canadain citizen expedited and easy when the marriage is done in Canada as compared to India? Means the boy comes to canada on student permit and then marries in canada versus marriage takes place in India and documents submitted. b. Can the boy...
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    Travelling abroad

    If child goes out for a semester, do we need to inform for canadian child tax benefit Please guide
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    Buying house,guidance needed

    As market is depressed for detached house, I am wandering if it is right time to buy a house in York region , GTA. Secondly is it ok for buy 30 plus years old house in areas like Markham/ Richmond hill. Or better to prefer uptown 12 to 15 years old house in Vaughan neighbourhood. After...
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    visit visa- duration query

    Thanks so much
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    visit visa- duration query

    I want to know if anyone got a visit visa but can't travel now to Canada due to severe winter as an elderly person. Is there any time frame after the visa is stamped, he needs to travel . visa is valid for a year but is it necessary to travel in the first 3 or 6 months? please guide me. thanks...
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    visitor visa- insurance guidance

    Hello, please can anyone guide me if it is compulsory to have insurance for an old aged parent traveling on visit visa to Canada. if so how to get it from Canada or back home? what to check before finalizing an insurance policy? As always i highly appreciate the help members provide here to each...
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    Travelling to India with Indian and Canadian passport

    Best option apply a dubai visa that's very cheap perhaps transit visa is free of 2 days now. Fly to Dubai , exit India on Indian passport and than enter plus exit dubai both sides on your Canadian passport. There is free entry on arrival visa for Canadian passport at Dubai airport. simple...
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    Biometric / karachi query

    Thanks so much. Any prior appointment needed for biometric or walk in is fine .
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    Biometric / karachi query

    Please can anyone guide from where biometric can be done in karachi after getting a request online (applied TRV) . Applicant is my friends mom and is very old not able to trace where to go in karachi for biometric and is any prior appointment is needed ? Local phone call nobody picks there and...
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    Scarborough -DM-Oath

    Needs your expert advice. 1. If same family adult Ecas is updated as Decision made but children there is no update under Ecas after IP. Is it usual or no ? 2. What is rough time line from decision made to oath invite @ Scarborough office ? 3. Is it allowed to travel while waiting for oath...
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    February 2018 - Citizenship Applicant

    Before AOR if it is incomplete or any errors although they can ask for further document or proofs at IP stage .
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    February 2018 - Citizenship Applicant

    Any idea what is timeline nowadays for Toronto office. How long it takes from IP to getting test invite . (I know nobody can be sure but any
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    Removed from system after Aor

    Can anyone guide me what can be the reason for Online Status is completely removed after receiving AOR. One of the minor file was incomple from family and it was resubmitted but now ecas is not shown at all. Also extra explanation was added to one of the applicant who already received AOR but...
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    November 2017 - Citizenship Applicants

    Are they sending AOR emails for each application separately Adults & minors or only adults by email. If all family members have applied together is it possible that few get AOR and few minors don't recieve it ?
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    November 2017 - Citizenship Applicants

    CLB is no more accepted . check instructions guidelines on cic website. it is clearly mentioned IELTS General or CELPIP . Although we all know academic IELTS is much difficult and worth more than general one but unfortunately officers can't comprehend simple things. Best of luck.
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    November 2017 - Citizenship Applicants

    I was wandering about local office processing. How to find out what will be the local office for people applying from GTA or York region ? Just curious to know the time line of specific office where our applications will be forwarded after AOR is issued.
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    This is for people who sent a scan of all pages of passport

    I was wandering if need to sent black and white or coloured copy of passport pages as I want to send full copy due to travel history .
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    minor checklist query

    Both the parents.
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    minor checklist query

    Typo error I mean parents custody