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    may 2015 applicants for citizenship

    True, don't forget to practice O Canada... I didn't practice, and I looked like lost during singing of national anthem... Listen to it on YouTube, make sure you don't listen to the Nelly Furtado version.
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    may 2015 applicants for citizenship

    Ari, Turbo received test invitation, then received two RQs... His new account is David_2015
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    may 2015 applicants for citizenship

    You will get Oath invitation in less than 10 days.
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    Mississauga - Average time between Test and Oath 2016

    It depends on when you have applied..
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    may 2015 applicants for citizenship

    You shouldn't worry at all, I'm sure you will get test invitation soon... Good luck.
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    It depends on your local office and the status of your application... Do you have "Decision Made" on Ecas?
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    New Last Legal Name due to Marriage.

    No, use the name as it's written on the PR card, because CIC has records only for that name, if you use the new last name they may return it... So just use the name as on PR card and PR confirmation, also add a cover letter with the application explaining the new last name and marriage.
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    what are the things to do after becoming Canadian Citizen?

    Look for a good government job.
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    Address to use in application

    I would use the address of being student, because it does not make any sense being student somewhere and living somewhere else. Good luck.
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    My emotions

    What kind of RQ did u get? Nowadays processing RQ is a lot faster and than before, I have seen many people got RQ and their application was delayed for only one month... No a big deal buddy.
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    Already Dual citizen of EU and USA and looking forward to be Canadian ....

    Well, you need the right answer?!! call CIC...
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    Scarborough office / timeline after test

    I passed the test last week at Scarborough office, this week I got oath letter :)
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    Status changed to "Decision made" after RQ

    I'm surprised they have not sent your application to a citizenship judge.
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    scarborough office, Signing a form during the interview

    I signed the form too... I passed and have received oath letter. Read the book, and good luck.
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    Already Dual citizen of EU and USA and looking forward to be Canadian ....

    Canada allows dual citizenship, but you can not have three citizenships, you have to give up either US or EU country citizenship...
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    Bill C-6 and RO

    Your questions are not clear, but all I can tell you is that bill c 6 is for citizenship, it has nothing to do with PR's RO.
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    may 2015 applicants for citizenship

    You may get the Oath letter before two months, I did my test last week (Scarborough), the officer told me that I will get the oath letter between 2 to 4 months, but I got the invitation this week :) Thank you dear officer :-*
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    may 2015 applicants for citizenship

    I have seen it in other threads that Hamilton's timeline for oath after test is few months... And yes, ATIP will show a lot about your application.
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    may 2015 applicants for citizenship

    Sherif, what is your local office? It is different from one office to another, also it depends on the officer, some officers update the Ecas, some others never update it.