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    OCI process

    surrender certificate $250 and OCI $290 and courier charges if required. You will be ripped off to the tune of about 700 dollars per applicant. It takes about 2 months and more for the process to be completed.
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    Acceptable Language Credentials.

    As your school record document shows detail academic record which is from native English speaking country so you are holding good and acceptable document.
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    Old IELTS for Citizenship Language requirement

    Yes your old IELTS photocopy is good enough.
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    Acceptable Language Credentials.

    I think your school record photocopies are good to go and acceptable.
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    Passport Translation for PR card renewal and citizenship

    For free or cheaper service for translation go to any Arab community center like Arab Community Center of Toronto Burnhamthorpe Rd Etobikoke. I think every major city should have like this community center.
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    Passport Translation for PR card renewal and citizenship

    All pages which have visas, stamps. dates, observations and notes need to be translated make two original copies one for PR renewal and one for citizenship process. keep a photocopy of translation for your record.
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    When would an agent know if your application is being reffered to CJ?

    Even if they know they do not give this information on phone. This information is notified by a letter.
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    Oath Timeline after test at St. Clair Office

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    St. Clair / RQ / Oath Time line 2016 / Court Appeal / 63 months

    Congratulation my process took 41 months and responsible office for delay St. Clair. Thanks to somebody somewhere in CIC for sending my file to Montreal CEN and they did it in two months flat. One of the call center agent told me it is better to be last in line in Montreal then first in line at...
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    Date of issue on CAN Passport

    Date of issue is the date on which your application for passport is approved and the passport is prepared.
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    Parents on PR will new born child be canadian citizen

    Your child is a Canadian citizen by birth. You can also apply for Canadian passport for the child by showing birth certificate.
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    Citizenship Language Requirement

    Photocopy of IELTS certificate which you used for your PNP is good for citizenship language requirement.
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    Canadian citizen stay in the US more than 3 months?

    Thanks so Canadians are just like any other visitors visiting USA.
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    Canadian citizen stay in the US more than 3 months?

    What happens if a Canadian overstays for more than six months.
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    Citizenship application preparation, what documents should get prepared ?

    Yes that certificate should be in original format.
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    Silly question - fold application? Y or N?

    Use an envelope of appropriate size which is thick and secure you can fold the forms but do not staple and pin the forms.
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    2012- Applicants who are still waiting for test !! hope i am not the only one !

    Re: 2013 landed immigrants You are eligible to apply in March 2017 with no trips outside Canada completing four years physical presence or as soon as the bill C 6 passes completing 3 years physical presence.
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    Mississauga Timeline for Oath