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  1. robkin

    Can i link multiple gckey account to my study permit application tracking?

    It’s not possible, if you link another account the first one gets unlinked. But you can just link the first account again if you do this.
  2. robkin

    Global Transfer of Amex from U.S. to Canada for Credit Score

    Well they approved it, but they only gave me a $1000 CAD credit limit. Yes they did call my bank, since the bank actually called me to verify that they should be giving information about my bank account to a third party company. I think it took a month or so going since the application seemed to...
  3. robkin

    >>>>>>>SEPTEMBER 2020 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    BC PNP - Inland CRS - 1002 ITA - Aug 19 AOR - Sep 4 Upfront Medicals Hope Service Canada opens soon for biometrics...
  4. robkin

    Port of entry from US

    Well I think you in general have to be a citizen or permanent resident of a visa-exempt country to be able to apply for a work permit at the port of entry. Visa exempt according to the IRCC web site basically means you citizen or pr of "U.S., Greenland or Saint-Pierre and Miquelon."
  5. robkin

    Global Transfer of Amex from U.S. to Canada for Credit Score

    No, ridiculous that American Express offers a program called global transfer where they use your old country’s credit card account to support opening a credit card in your new country — but if you open up a bank account first then they can’t do what they are promising. I applied for the credit...
  6. robkin

    Global Transfer of Amex from U.S. to Canada for Credit Score

    I tried to do this but then because I had already opened up a bank account at VanCity, I all of a sudden had a credit history that was empty. Note that all I opened was a checking account so I could deposit my paycheck. They told me over the phone that they couldn’t use my US credit history now...
  7. robkin

    Applying for Closed Work permit at a Port of Entry (land border)

    They asked a lot about our quarantine plans. Also they asked if this move had been planned a long time ago before covid or if it had been recent. Since we had been planning since last year I had no problems answering that it had been planned for a long time, but I'm not sure what the outcome...
  8. robkin

    Applying for Closed Work permit at a Port of Entry (land border)

    I got an ICT work permit and my wife got an LMIA supported work permit at the beginning of July at Douglas entering from the US. There was no line, we waited in the car for an hour or two while they read all the documentation. They also issued visitor records for the kids. My work permit...
  9. robkin

    BC PNP Tech Pilot 2020 - What's your status?

    I feel a little bit bad about posting this since some people are waiting quite a awhile but... ITA: July 21 Submitted: August 13, 9 am Received Call to provide more info, 1 pm Decision: August 13, 3 pm This was inland tech pnp, I am currently here on ICT visa. Maybe it was fast since I paid the...
  10. robkin

    BC Tech Pilot - Employer Requirements

    I think they might have to show they have a BC business license. But you should check the “employer requirements” in
  11. robkin

    Working remotely on a closed permit during COVID

    The work permit is only for working inside of Canada, and I am pretty sure you can only work inside of Canada from the location specified in your work permit unless the permit specifically states, "Authorized to work across Canada as designated by employer." As for re-entering the country I...
  12. robkin

    Please share your view..

    Sorry it was still pending at the beginning of July. Instead I got it approved at the land border (I am a US citizen and normally only need a visitor record) entering Canada. Good wishes to you.
  13. robkin

    Work Permit and Kids Schools

    When my children entered with me at the US-Canadian border, the border official decided to add the text “May attend primary school” in the remarks area of the visitor record (I entered on a temporary work permit).
  14. robkin

    ICT work permit from US

    By the way, didn’t you say previously you were studying and had gotten a study visa? I believe ICT visa requires you to be working for the company full time for at least a year. I’m just trying to save you some money from your lawyer and a trip to the border for a visa for which you might not...
  15. robkin

    ICT work permit from US

    Douglas Peace Arch/Blaine. My plan was to drive along the border and try each POE but that turned out to be unnecessary.
  16. robkin

    Moving to a different province than employed in with an employer-specific work permit

    The immigration firm my employer used said that if you want to be able to work from multiple locations you need to ask for the work permit to say “authorized to work across Canada as designated by the employer.”
  17. robkin

    ICT work permit from US

    I would have trouble trusting the time estimate, at least my online applied work permit was not issued and I applied February 29th. I would believe actually that in general if you have the right documentation for a CUSMA/USMCA (previously NAFTA) visa at the border. The treaty text says in...
  18. robkin

    Are they processing work visas from US during COVID-19

    I did not have anything other than my application, although my application did contain a cover letter explaining my situation and the text "As per Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada's guidelines, a foreign national who is coming for an essential (non-discretionary) purpose is exempt...
  19. robkin

    Are they processing work visas from US during COVID-19

    No I applied far in advance online on February 29, but unfortunately that was not far enough in advance as it did not get processed before all of the vfs offices shut down. The initial officer did ask if the planning for this move was made far in advance and the work permit documentation I...
  20. robkin

    Are they processing work visas from US during COVID-19

    I just wanted to give an update. I decided to take the risk and a moving van picked up all of our stuff from our home in California. I figured if we got turned away at the border we could just rent a vacation home on the beach in Washington and just keep trying at different border stations at...