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  1. saddlepatch

    Bring back a car that's been exported?

    Can you bring a car back to the US after it was exported? We have not paid RIV or done any other importing work other than form one at the border. Please help. We might not actually stay here...finding it's too expensive and not as realistic as we hoped.
  2. saddlepatch

    Steps to export the vehicle from USA to Canada...

    Thank you so much for confirming! It's already printed and ready to go :) I figured it was as such, but I wanted to make sure. The government can be tricky with their wording, and so specific, especially the border!
  3. saddlepatch

    72 Hour Notice of Export of Car to The Border?

    Just a clarifying question: It's okay to submit the information for export to the border crossing as long as there is at least 72 hours before the date you plan to export? I submitted my notice to them a week ago for exportation on the 23rd of this month, so because that's over 72 hours, I...
  4. saddlepatch

    Steps to export the vehicle from USA to Canada...

    Does anyone know if it's okay to let Border know more than 72 hours prior to your arrival for export? I messaged them last week and I called and the guy told me he "Thinks that's how it works, as long as there is 72 hours or more between your notice and when you export". Can anyone confirm this?
  5. saddlepatch

    Trade-in car imported from US in Canada?

    I get the worry :) but considering most North American Cars (Even Japanese cars) have parts that come from at least 2 or more countries (a lot of parts are made in Canada for example, Toyotas and once upon a time, Ford), it seems almost pointless to deny a trade. The only major difference...
  6. saddlepatch

    Trade-in car imported from US in Canada?

    Of course they do! A trade is a trade! Why wouldn't they? The car after import is certified to drive in Canada. It's just as good as a Canadian sold vehicle. Although you will most likely get haggled down on it's worth as it has "Undesirable" traits such as the speedometer being primarily in...
  7. saddlepatch

    Steps to check PR Card Status !!

    Thank you so much for the clarification :3
  8. saddlepatch

    Exit tax and what do I do with my US investment accounts

    Do Do you know if the exit tax applies to Green Card holders under 8 years? I keep reading you need to be in the US for 8 years before they can apply the tax. I def do not have the funds to pay this tax....
  9. saddlepatch

    Importing car from US to Canada

    Depending where you live, it might be cheaper to fly down and drive it back up. Is this not an option? Shipping is pricey and if you're still paying it off, be nice to save money if you can.
  10. saddlepatch

    Steps to check PR Card Status !!

    Im so confused, is this for Express Entry only or does this apply to Family Class applications as well? I wasn't aware I needed to link anymore applications to myCIC account?
  11. saddlepatch

    Inquiry about "Accompanying Goods" List

    Does it need to list every single item of clothing etc? I don't imagine so, but figured I'd ask. I made a general list, with estimated values on a Word Document, can I just attach that to this form and submit it that way and fill out the rest?
  12. saddlepatch

    Landing in Quebec as a FSW + importing a vehicle. My experience

    Where do I obtain a Goods Accompanying list? I hear the Goods to Follow all the time but not the first one. Or can I make one myself?
  13. saddlepatch

    Car insurance in ontario

    I only have two claims on my record for windshield repair (1 time replace) but both are covered under my insurances policy and not deductible had to be paid. Does anyone have experience with this kinda claim and curious how much it up'd their insurance costs? I would hope not by a lot, giving...
  14. saddlepatch

    Refinance a US vehicle through a Canadian Bank?

    I'm not sure if this will help as I'm not the OP but I was in the same position and my solution is stupidly obvious but hear me out: We paid off the car. Now there are many factors of course: how much do you owe? How much can you put down more a month to pay it off? And the most important...
  15. saddlepatch


    Sounds like you haven't done enough research. Have you attempted to look for similar jobs in Canada? Are you moving to a place in Canada that will support your family and career? Are you willing to take the risk of having to start from scratch all over again? If you answer no to all of these...
  16. saddlepatch

    Why not Vancouver ??

    Haha, yes, I'll be living back with my mother in Port! Shes being very generous and helping us get a down deposit down for a tiny home and some land to slap it on! I miss the small town vibe! I'm excited to get back to normality!
  17. saddlepatch

    Why not Vancouver ??

    No thank you! Too hot, too crowded, not my political climate, and too expensive for what they pay. We have no future in the US. The ONLY thing I'm going to miss are my Disney and SeaWorld annual passes :P
  18. saddlepatch

    Exporting a Vehicle from the U.S. and Importing into Canada: Complete Step-by-Step Guide

    Can you cross elsewhere? If so, try them first. IF not I would do it either way. Just email them. It's not going to hurt anyone. That way you don't have issues either way.
  19. saddlepatch

    Steps to export the vehicle from USA to Canada...

    How much did they make your fork out? I have not heard of this (or an A/C tax ever) at all and we will be very limited in funds. I might reconsider crossing at Ambassador and go to Blue Water. Do you mean the Carbon tax? That wouldn't make much sense, it comes out from your annual taxes, not...