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  1. mikko008

    PGWP + LMIA= 2 work permits?

    Hi, sorry for the late reply. Yes, after their LMIA application got approved, you can answer YES to the question "do you have a valid job offer" in EE system, then fill in your LMIA file # and other information. Then you EE score will update and give you additional 50 points.
  2. mikko008

    PR application

    Hi, the case processing status shown in your MyCIC account is merely a reference. It doesn't guarantee that your case will have a result by the deadline shown there. Once it reached the deadline, it'll simply say "your case takes longer than usual"...It doesn't man anything so you need to renew...
  3. mikko008

    Dual intention LMIA Application

    Hi, the questions are all about things that would happen within your company resulting from offering you the job. And it should definitely be YES for the labor shortage question, otherwise it doesn't make sense to offer a Temporary Foreign Worker this job.
  4. mikko008

    Help with documents preparation delay after ITA due to the coronavirus outbreaks!!

    Hi there, I deeply feel you inconvenience! If you aren't able to get the Chinese police certificate before the 60-day deadline, you can try your best collect some evidences to show to IRCC the difficulties regarding obtaining Police Certificate from China (such as taking screenshots of the...
  5. mikko008

    If IRCC increases minimum funds after AOR

    The new rules only apply to the new cases. Your application should be locked on the date that you submitted it.
  6. mikko008

    biometrics for CEC

    I think you'll need to wait for instruction before you do it. Make sure that you pay for the Biometrics fee before you submit your whole PR application online. The Bio fee slot may pop up when you are about to pay for the EE application. I haven;t submitted an EE application since December 3...
  7. mikko008

    Count work hours after I submitted my pgwp

    Yes we all did. You are in fact working legitimately with legal authorization during the time period in which you are waiting for a result for your PGWP, there is no reason to forbid you from counting these work hours in. This is actually how most people who have only one-year PGWP earn valuable...
  8. mikko008

    PGWP + LMIA= 2 work permits?

    To simplify things up, your employer should apply for a LMIA for supporting PR purpose in order to give you additional 50 points. you don't need to apply for a new work permit after the LMIA is approved. You can continue using your PGWP.
  9. mikko008

    Adding spouse to my PR application

    Hi Abbin, All forms should be filled by both you and your spouse. The IMM 0008DEP form is for people who have so many dependents and need more spaces to write information about their dependents. If you don't have kids or have only 1-3 kids, the main IMM0008 form should be enough for you.
  10. mikko008

    IELTS and CRS Score

    You should try re-challenging the IELTS to try to increase your score first. you haven't reached CLB 10 for all bands yet. If you can reach CLB 10, you'll get additional 9 points for language. In the meantime, wait for your second anniversary at work. I think it's always better to take control...
  11. mikko008

    Should I mention my Uncle in express entry profile for adaptability?

    guys, the easiest way to solve this problem is to answer "YES" then upload an explanation letter instead of documents to prove your relationship onto the upload slot. So you are not misrepresenting at all and will not need to provide supporting documents to prove relationship.
  12. mikko008

    applying express entry from australia

    You must choose one NOC as your primary Occupation, although you can combine all the skilled work experience to calculate the year of experience under the FSWP selection grid.
  13. mikko008

    URGENT QUESTION: Express Entry CRS score

    A three-year Diploma can be treated as a Bachelor's Degree in CRS System for point-calculating purpose. In CRS, the wordings are like this: 120 points if the foreign national has a post-secondary program credential of three years or more...
  14. mikko008

    Bachelors - no ECA. Should it go in Education history or Personal History post ITA?

    You can put your foreign Bachelor's Degree in Personal History. If you put it under Education ,they'll ask you to upload ECA which you don't have.
  15. mikko008

    Need clarity: Two or more certificates, diplomas, or degrees

    Yes it should be counted as two credentials. Th ECA organization will tell you for sure whether it counts or not. When you apply for ECA at WES online, they will ask you to add additional credentials that you'd like to assess, so just follow the flow. And yes, both schools need to send...
  16. mikko008

    After ITA-Personal History

    Hi, You don't need to submit any documents for your parents or other relatives for your EE application. If you don;t know their information, just write N/A and maybe explain these in your submission letter (explanation letter). It's not a big deal. Just relax!
  17. mikko008

    Does PEBC evaluation exam adds any point to CRS score?

    Hi, The educaitonal creedentials must be an academic post-secondary credentials to add points to your CRS school under the educaiton background section. If you are talking about the 50 points for CoQ, the certificate of qualification must be for a Skilled Trade occupation ('blue collar"...
  18. mikko008

    Personal History Post ITA - Small Gaps in Employment

    Based on my experience, it's not necessary. Just like you do not need to claim the several two-month summer/winter vacations that you took during your post-secondary studies, you do not have to specifically mention these very small gaps in between employments. Besides, when you input your...
  19. mikko008

    Can I claim points for 1 Year non-continuous foreign work experience in the same NOC if I have 1 year CEC?

    Hi, I looked up the Ministerial Instruction on the EE CRS system and did not find anything mentioning that the foreign work experience must be continuous. It only says that it must be obtained within the past 10 years, be paid, and be full-time or equivalent part-time. Section 25 (1) and (2)...