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    Time line for Permanent Residence application for Refugees

    You may check the ecas link and see if there is any updates there
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    Time line for Permanent Residence application for Refugees

    Dear Jalal, In your AIP letter did they asked you to complete another documents or just AIP?
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    Time line for Permanent Residence application for Refugees

    Hi All, Just wanted to update you Applied on Dec 6,2018 Sept 2019, request for PC and RCMP fingerprinting Sept 2020, I got AIP and they asked for travel history and new passport copies which I sent it today as well.
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    I lost my notice of decision. Please Help

    You can call your lawyer and ask him to send you a copy of it, as you and your lawyer gets a copy of that decision. Or you can call your case officer and ask them to reissue you another one and you can pick it up yourself from IRB office
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    Time line for Permanent Residence application for Refugees

    Did you got a notice about your passing the eligibility or directly to CoPR?
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    Time line for Permanent Residence application for Refugees

    As of my knowledge security is way more time consuming than criminality. Criminality is about PCC request or police certificate from your country if you are not a protected person or police certificate from the countries you live at for six months and more.
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    You mean PRRA? If that what you mean, I will not pay my Lawyer 3500 just for filling an application. I will advise you to contact legal aid and they will help you to fill out this application without paying any single cents.
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    What are the precautions for the hearing?

    I will suggest you to call any organization that hepl a Refugee mock trial. If you live in Toronto call this number they will arrange this for you. +1(647)6226410 +1(647)7131150
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    Asking about my claim

    Canada Child Benefit depends on parents status, so you good to apply for that as I know.
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    Will work permit arrive itself after medical examination or should I pay my lawyer a fees for that?

    If it's first time it will take 4-6 weeks. Also you don't need to pay 1000 CAD to get this done, just follow the steps given by Shanwari and you will good.
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    H&C / Open Work Permit -- OHIP?

    If you work a full time work and your employer can give an employment letter, you can get OHIP. Some of Service Ontario required six months employment letter (I mean your employer need to mention you will be working for next 6 months). Good luck
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    Need Help - Refugee ID and WorkPermit Renewal

    You can use your last exam( for me I used the one I did it in 2018)
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    Need Help - Refugee ID and WorkPermit Renewal

    1) your cannot renew your refugee ID, and actually you don't need to renew it. The health coverage will remain even if it's expired. 2) You should start your work permit renewal process from today as it will take more than 100 days for online and more for the mail application, and even if your...
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    PR application for failed refugee and accepted spouse

    1) I will advise you to appeal it n,ot for getting a positive decision, but for another things ( appeal will stop the removal process). 2) If you didn't appeal and the removal order proceed you will need to leave Canada and then your sponsor will continue the application for overseas, keep in...
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    About private lawyer in Toronto

    It's various from one to another, but aprrox between 2500 to 4500 CAD. And some of them will charge you for translation.... Extra...
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    Humanitarian & Compassionate

    I hope you will get a positive decision