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    Renting a house before moving

    Yes, similar situation for us when we moved here in Calgary. I'd say, it depends on who you are renting from. We rented from the building management, not individual landlord. We just proved that we had enough saving (our settlement fund) then they gladly accepted it. :)
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    how much is your net worth?

    What a questions... Really depends on your life style, your expectation and view of life. I meet people with smaller incomes but still living happily. You just make do with whatever you have while enjoying life as much as you can, right? On the safe side, always saving and investing. :)
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    NOI Alberta

    Hi everybody in this string. Before moving to Alberta, you are welcome to know about the life here by watching some FREE short videos tailored for future new immigrants. Please see my signature below. You are welcome to ask me any questions. I'm located in Calgary right now. :) Enjoy!
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    PR Travel Document

    Hi! Check out the process here, how to apply and what to expect after you apply here:
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    Making friends as an introvert in new country?

    It is so true. Adults are not as forthcoming when it comes to making new friends. As we grow older, we tend to stay in contact with those we have known from early years. And adult life comes with so many responsibilities, modern life, fast pace, people tend to avoid allocating time to making new...
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    Calgary - Sharing landing experience

    True. It's difficult now.
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    Pre-arrival services

    I've been living in Alberta for three years. If there's anyone who wants to come to Alberta, check out my signature below. Free resources, you might find it useful! :D
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    Making friends as an introvert in new country?

    I am a super introvert; my husband as well. I moved to Alberta in 2016, and my experience of making friends (not only my own ethnicity, but also diverse friends, other immigrants, Canadians...) is through continuously volunteering in local non-for-profit organization, local libraries (try...
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    Upfront medical exam and proof of fund

    1. EE is in place for quite a few years. I'm surprised that medical centres still don't offer a type that says EE... Three years ago I was asked the same by the medical centre I went to -- they had no idea what express entry was, so I just randomly chose Work. 2. I provided fixed deposit...
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    Alberta PNP demand list

    As far as I understand, you just wait, nothing more you can do. Medium demand means less chance than High Demand NOCs, but not totally impossible. Stay positive and meanwhile explore other options too.
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    R u waiting for AINP nomination

    My brother is also waiting for it...his NOC only has a fair chance (not super super in demand). :(
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    Pros and cons of having 2nd Child in canada?

    Hi there! I like it that you have considered all the possibilities. Family is the most important thing. :) I have a friend who were in a similar situation. She had her second baby while residing in Canada on a work visa. She applied for PR and is waiting to be approved. All the best to you!
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    Upfront medicals for PR application

    Yep, tell them you are express entry.
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    Medicals heart murmur and eye sight

    Personal opinion: doesn't sound to be anything serious, serious enough to reject you. Ask yourself this question, do these conditions of yours cause financial burden to the Canadian Healthcare system? From what you said, you are not even going through any treatment! So. :) Relax and wait...
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    New Passport update after AOR

    Here's the link to the WebForm:
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    Alberta AINP timeline in 2019

    Hi everyone, my brother is waiting for invitation, he's in finance. Does he have a high chance to get nominated by Alberta? Any input is welcome. Thanks in advance.
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    Calgary - Sharing landing experience

    Welcome to Calgary! :) I've lived here for three years. Beautiful city, great place to live! Please check out the link in my signature: free informative short vides for newcomers to Alberta. :) Enjoy! Feel free to ask any questions about life in Calgary. I will try my best to anwer.
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    For PINOY: About Express Entry Application. Share your idea!

    It is really case by case for OINP. To pass their completeness check and receive AOR, you need to make sure your documents are complete and the forms were filled out correctly. I know this person who applied late Nov just got hisapplication returned from Ontario, because he didnt not provide a...
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    For PINOY: About Express Entry Application. Share your idea!

    I know a friend who applied in late November 2015 and is still waiting for an AOR from Ontario. Sit tight.
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    For PINOY: About Express Entry Application. Share your idea!

    Posting here is not gonna help. Without further knowing your personal info, no one is able to make valuable suggestions as to which province you should apply. Spend half a day researching all the official websites of the province nomination programs, seeking for a suitable one for your to...