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    PR Card & Travel Document

    You can send your PR Card only When you have Permanent Tesidence status in Canada. Certificate of Identity Section in Gatineau will issue you a Travel Document when you have a Permanent Residence Status under Protected Person Category.
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    PR Card & Travel Document

    Finally I did apply for a Travel Document and it was approved and they issued a Travel Document and not Certificate of Identity as explained by 3 Passport CANADA customer care agents and it took 21 business days to process them & 3 days for mailing. The validity of the document will be for 2...
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    Can I apply for any credit or credit card?

    You should contact RBC Bank they will definitely open credit card accounts, direct investment account etc & they will preapprove your credit limit from time to time.
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    Renew my Refugee Travel Document

    I have applied for Refugee Travel Document I have just become a permanent resident in July 2017 under Protected person category and 3 call centre agent said that I am eligible for Certificate of a identity as I am a permanent resident of CANADA and NOT protected person anymore. Pls advise if you...
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    Canadian Blue Travel Document

    Can you please explain what did you get Certain fixate of Identity or Travel Document
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    Travel document for permanent resident

    Any one on this forum please share your experience of Certificate of Identity
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    Travel document for permanent resident

    Please can you share your experience as to what did you get Certificate of Identity or Travel Document
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    PR Card & Travel Document

    I applied in September 2011 and got my PR Card in July 2017. It took that long becoz I had misrepresented about a geographical Location.
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    PR Card & Travel Document

    Anyone please
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    Canadian Certificate of Identity

    Hi Hope you're well. Can you please tell us if you had applied for a Travel Document and did u receive a Certificate of Identity or a Travel Document? I spoke to Passport CANADA and they said that I am entitled to Certificate of Identity as I recently got my PR status and PR Card under...
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    PR Card & Travel Document

    Hi there; I received my PR Card today and my Travel Document is expiring end of September 2017. However I read on this forum that after getting my PR Card I will be getting a Certificate of Idemtity and not Travel Document. I spoke to Customer service agent at Passport Canada and they said that...
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    Refugee Travel Document - Questions and Answers

    You have to apply to Passport CANADA in Gatineau Quebec. You will have to submit similar documents when you first applied for RTD and that you have to also include your current RTD. Processing time is 20 business days.
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    traveling with a refugee travel documents while PR application is processing

    I don't think you'll have a problem entering Canada. You have to apply a Visa to visit USA and they approve Visa on a travel document. Take with you any document that proves your status in Canada like notice of decision, PPSD, VOS etc. the officials at Canadian border might need all those...
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    Protected Person Work Permit - Urgent Processing

    You can keep working or start to work in a New Company by providing your SIN No your new employer. You are a protected person so you should have no problems. I am in the same boat my work permit expiring tomorrow ie 5-Nov and I was terrified to read experiences of people who applied in June and...
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    Protected person Travel Document

    Hi everyone. I am new to this forum and recently got my Canadian 1951 travel document and am planning to travel to Germany as Visa is not required. Pls advise your experiences and which countries has anyone travelled and visa requirement and procedure. I did apply for UK visa and it was denied...