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    Police Report from Mexico

    Did you receive the letter from CIC to get the police clearance ? You will have to apply in Guadalajara after you receive the lettter. No meed to travel to Mexico city. Without the letter, you cannot apply.
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    Can my husband cancel my PR card & depot me to india

    This is the BEST advice given to you. Report your husband for abuse to CIC , do not leave Canada as you have rights. His threats of deportation are considered abuse as well. I wlll recomend you to get in touch with an immigration expert to report the abuse and request an exemption for the two...
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    Express Entry - Loss of employment

    is it a risk worth taking ? What happens if the employer already notified the Province ? Is it correct to pretend nothing has happened when you have the duty to notify the province about the loss of employment ? CiC customer service agents are NOT inmigration Officers and they do not have a...
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    Express Entry - Loss of employment

    This time you might be wrong, his nomination looks to be tied to a permanent job offer. If the job does not longer exists, the nomination could be whitdrawn.
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    Express Entry - Loss of employment

    The information the Immigration lawyer gave you is correct.
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    Express Entry - Loss of employment

    IMPORTANT* Notifying BC PNP of Termination or Change of Employment The employer and applicant must notify the BC PNP in the event of a change in employment, including promotion, new employment, lay-off or termination of employment. Throughout this process, the BC PNP may withdraw your...
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    Express Entry - Loss of employment

    You must notify the province the change of circumstances as soon as possible, do not forget that here you do not get any legal advice.
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    Express Entry - Loss of employment

    He needs to notify the province , they might withraw the nomination or keep it. Is their decision to make.
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    Spouse with partial custody

    This is a very delicate situation, be careful.
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    How long must you stay with employer after getting PR??

    Sycilia is correct. Your intention to leave your employer after he supported you to get your PR is the reason why many employers are hesitant to support others. As you, many people have left as soon as they land, so why bother to go to the process if they are going to leave as soon as they land...
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    Asivad and friends please help!

    Hello, If you performed other duties as the one mentioned in the NOC you should include them. If you have applied for a WP in the past, the job offer lettter or contract must have a job description. Make sure it is similar to it. CIC keeps record of all your previous applications. You must...
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    Employer copy pasted NOC duties...

    Yes, they do, you can see it in the GCMS notes.
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    Employer copy pasted NOC duties...

    My apologies, i was refering to the OP , not you, and I quoted your post as you were correct. Many have been rejected after second review and others have been approved.
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    Employer copy pasted NOC duties...

    Describe your job duties in a different manner. Does your employer has a company's job description ? You should be performing at least 80 % of the main duties described in the NOC . Do not copy and paste.
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    Employer copy pasted NOC duties...

    I'm not saying you will be rejected, what I said Is your application COULD go for a second review. Many have been approved if the second officer is satisfied that you are doing all the duties included in your letter. In ocassions, they call the employer, look at their website, job postings...
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    Employer copy pasted NOC duties...

    Even though you have been rude to me in the past, I will answer your concern. Ussualy when somebody produces a letter with the same job description as the one listed in the NOC the officer has to to do a second review in the veracity of the job duties as it is a red flag copying and pasting from...
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    How can I stop sponsoring someone??

    The first thing you need to domis to consult a Family Law Lawyer and start your divorce, if he has been physically abusive towards you, why you have not contacted the police ? He would be legally removed from your house . After he leVes your hime, make sure you follow a lawyer's advice, you...
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    Reasons for Rejection

    Your medical was done correctly
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    Yes, if the officer has a reasonable doubt about the legitimacy of the work experienced claimed by the applicant or due to random reviews . Not always but it happens . Is very easy to fake a letter. This is part of the background check.