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    Visitor visa query

    Thanks. Will it hurt her chances later on if she gets rejected once?
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    Visitor visa query

    Can anyone please help me out?
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    Parent tourist visa

    @RSS2015 Hi, after how much time of you becoming PR, you applied for visitor visa for your mother?
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    Parent tourist visa

    Hi suraj, could you please update about your mother's TRV application? Did you apply for her visa yet?
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    Visitor visa query

    I got my CoPR and I am landing in Canada in April. I wish to take my mother with me for initial few months on a tourist visa. Some details about my mother Single, retired govt servant, only one child (me) and reciever of monthly pension, US visa holder and no travel history. What are her...
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    WES educational Assessment - PhD Degree

    Hi Hasan, any update from your side? How did you proceed without marksheet of phd?
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    WES educational Assessment - PhD Degree

    Hello I am also in the same boat. No transcript for phd. How do I proceed? I emailed WES and their reply is generic, they don't answer my question. What to do Please help. I am in trouble
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    ECA for PHD from WES

    Dear Gagan, Can you please update with what happened with your evaluation in WES? Thanks
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    Degree Conferral form for PhD

    Hi, I am in the same boat. I thought you wouldn't mind sharing the updates here? What happened with your evaluation with WES? Thanks
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    ECA for Dual degree IT

    Did you get any help Amritpreet. I have the same two degrees and the year is also same. What is your progress?
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    Reference letter sample for Research Assistant (NOC 4012) during phd - attached

    Thanks a lot for this letter. If I write research fellow instead of research assistant, will it be making any difference? I was a Junior/Senior Research Fellow as per my designation. Is it okay to write it instead of Research Assistant (Job titles of the NOC Code does not include Research...