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    accra applicants please read this

    It is good to use a lawyer.................they have ample experience at the tips of their finger. They know how to paly the CHC games. However, it does not fasten up your case neither does it make it straight forward. It just saves you the trouble of writing them letters on yr own or reading...
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    I do not agree that the employing the services of a lawyer is the case with accra. the back logs is one and i also think the african thing is also there. I have a friend who applied at another CHC. He got his AOR within 2 months and can u believe they sent it to him with an error in his name...
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    accra applicants:what do u think

    Re: accra applicants,my wife has put to bed Congrats Soj. I am sure mum & child re fine. Olorun a wo oh,Olorun a dasi , Olorun a se ni olu omo(meaning: the lord will watch over her & making her great). I give her Ayodeji(double joy)............. How does it feel to be a father? Nice I...
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    Time after medicals, 3+ months normal?

    I like the gotta have faith issue you talked about and I know it will work for you. I promise that very soon, sooner than u expect u will share the good news with us all here. I will you all the best. This Immigration thing has to do with plenty of guts and faith in God too. It is one thing...
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    esgee25, I think you should keep your mind open. The information on the e-stauts page sometimes might not be rightI mean the page is sometimes not updated correctly. You just keep a positive attitude and pray that their decesion will be in your favour. It is always good to have a plan B...
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    Fathertee, i think you can have a friend in uk help you pay cash at any of the police stations. (They will issue a receipt in your name, once he provides some identification).They also want to know the purpose/reason for the certificate & for what period. They would collect your data from the...
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    What are the best accommodation options for a landed immigrant in Missisuaga

    Thxs all for your answers & comments. I surely will see the websites and let you know what I find out as well as if I have any more questions.
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    Congrats Porieau, very insigthful experience. I am sure you have plenty of more good stories too share. What part of Toronto do you live and what is the average proce for an apartment there. I hear Toronto is expensive;sure the jobs there are well paying too. Let's know more new things you...
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    What are the best accommodation options for a landed immigrant in Missisuaga

    Hi everyone, I intend to land in Missisuaga by God's grace when i'm given my PR visa. Does any one know the best options of getting accommodation in Toronto - Missisuaga and the cheapest/most reasonable options. I was thinking it will not be too wise to get a long rent outrigthly as one does...
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    Letter After Medical

    Metha migth be very right. I have realized that each case is handling differently;probably depending on d officer in charge of each file. Some people are asked to pay the right of landing fees months before they receive the letter for medicals;some receive medical instructions along with letter...
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    accra applicants i got my ppr today

    Congratulations Soj. Infact, there is a lot of goodnews from yr end. Please let's know when your bundle of joy arrives oh. Abi na ibeji(twins). Anyway, it's ok that u have notified accra already; I would have asked you to wait until after the delivery. But it's ok that you are proactive...
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    accra applicants i got my ppr today

    Congrats soj. Thats gud news, after hw many years of waiting. Thank God for you oh. I have a few questions for you that migth assist with weather u shold inform accra abt yr wife/not? 1)When is your wife due to put to bed? 2)When did u have yr medicals? Was she pregnant when u had yr...
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    Arriving in Toronto and Moving to Winnipeg

    OLoye, I think you can arrive at any port of entry,apart from Quebec and move around as you wish. Thus, it is okay for you to arrive in Toronto and go to winnepeg later. All the best
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    calling the doctor

    hesselink, The answer to that is a YES. I think the doctor should be able to give you accurate information on when your medical results were sent to the CHC;if that had been done.
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    accra applicants please read this

    soj, that response was obviously a response to your mails. Wishing you all the best.
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    About transcripts

    With regards to submission of transcript; i think a certified copy might do. I submitted a transcript amd it was not in a sealed envelope;it was just a certified copy and this was accepted without any problem.
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    On-Line Status of Application

    All, Does the CHCs actually update status os applications on line. My application has been in-progress since and I wander if they update it. Does anyone know?
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    accra applicants please read this

    have u sent them a mail or written to them resently? This sounds like a response or something?
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    Is on-line status of application usually updated?

    All, Just want to know if the on-line service of checking one's status of application usually updated. Does the info provided show the true states of application? Please provide guadiance or share your opinion.
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    Finally I did my landing

    congrats.............all the best in your new life and adventure. We'll be coming soon by God's grace. Pls stay on d forumn as yr experience will be useful to upcomers. congrats again.