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    UK Transit Visa for Indian Nationals

    Hi @maheshmit how did your return journey go! did it have a layover?
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    British Transit Visa

    Hi @jesse298, can you please help me out here..... I am in Canada and planning to travel from Toronto to India via London. and only have the IM-1 visa (one time visa to complete PR landing available on my Passport) Question: Can I travel to India via UK without a transit visa?
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    Emergency (UK transit visa)

    Hello guys were you able to complete the journey without any issues?
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    UK transit visa - Urgent

    Hi sep282012 were you able to travel via Uk without any issues and were you able to complete landing on the return ??
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    Travel on COPR

    Thanks k.h.p She will be transiting the UK is there a page I can refer to or an office I can visit for confirming the same I dont want to have trouble on travel date
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    Travel on COPR

    Good Evening Friends My spouse is here in canada with me on Visitor Visa (expired 2018) However recently we got out PR approved and she has a one time visa IM1 category stamped on her passport Can she travel to UK with this visa and on return complete the landing formalities? Thanks
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    Travel via UK (with one time visa for PR)

    Good Evening Friends, To complete my landing for confirming my PR status..... I plan to travel back to India and on the return journey complete the formalities. Background: The problem I have is my dependents do not have visa stamped after their recent study permit and visitor record...