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    Applied in Jeddah KSA

    I didn't apply yet.
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    Applied in Jeddah KSA

    Any good news dear?
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    Applied in Jeddah KSA

    I hope you get TRV with longer validity.
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    Re-Apply for Canada TRV

    Canadian VAC in Jeddah will be opened on August 10.
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    6 months Tourist Visa for Canada

    Only UK VAC is open in Saint Arabia.
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    July 2020 Timeline- TRV Application Outside Canada

    Congratulations, What was the travel dates mentioned in application ?
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    Bank Statement of non resident country inquiry for visit visa.

    If you are receiving more than average salary in your bank account in Bahrain than you don't need to include bank statement for Pakistani account.
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    Roborts Replacing Canadian Visa Officers !!!

    You are totally wrong, there must be set algorithms ⚠️
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    Visitor visa

    Canadian visa is a lottery. You can play anytime of the year and hope for winning.
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    Roborts Replacing Canadian Visa Officers !!!

    This could be the main reason of visa TRV refusal ⚠️⚠️⚠️
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    TRV refused and need help

    Wrong Information ⚠️
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    TRV refused and need help

    Their main goal is to refuse many applications as their main source of income is from visa applications thats why they still not stopped processing visa applications amid Corona.
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    TRV refused and need help

    As I mentioned earlier, GCMS notes became useless now and almost 95% of applicants got same notes, also Canada TRV is granted on VO mood and have nothing to do with supporting documents. Some articlesssaying that most of the TRV applications are processed by automated system. I would suggest you...
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    Visit visa rejected due to IRPR 179b

    GCMS NOTES became useless nowadays, almost everybody is getting same reasons in notes.
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    TRV Rejected. What could be the reason?

    Canadian TRV approval is based on VO mood not supporting documents or travel history.
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    Visitor visa refused

    Flight from Saudi Arabia to Canada is also 1000 to 1200 CAD.
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    TRV....Reconsideration Approved

    Stop defending Canadian Visa Officers, we all know that Canada has worst and slowest visa process system, have a look at UK, Ireland and Australia visa processing system and you will know the difference.
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    TRV....Reconsideration Approved

    Pakistani passport = 99% Refusal Rate from Canada and 48% Refusal Rate from USA.
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    Why should he apply from his home country if he is living in Saudi Arabia since birth? Where is it mentioned that his salary is not matching bank statement?
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    TRV....Reconsideration Approved

    My friend recently sent webform to Riyadh office for reconsideration and they replied that application is already closed and can't be reconsidered and informed him to submit new application. So don't waste your time on sending reconsideration requests to Canadian visa offices.