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  1. Wolfpmd3

    Proof of Fund for CEC applicant

    You can put 0 as CEC candidates don't require any funds. If you put any other value, you will be asked to provide some document. In this case you can upload brief letter stating this is not a requirement for you being a CEC applicant, or you can also submit actual proof. Regardless, this has...
  2. Wolfpmd3

    Change of Contact Person for my Employment Reference Letter

    Don't worry, this is something out of your control and something you should not be aware of. If they decide to call, they should be able to get a hold of someone else. I would not really worry too much.
  3. Wolfpmd3

    Travelling to home country while PR application is in Progress - AOR

    You'll need it to be issued after the last time you've been there for 6 months or more. If you leave for a couple months, you won't need a new one. If you leave for more than 6 months you will need a new one if you have not applied yet. If you already applied and leaver for 6 months or longer...
  4. Wolfpmd3

    CEC inland with Spouse inland but Non-accompanying

    No, implied status is gained when you are an applicant for PR, not when you are being sponsored. She could likely stay as a visitor if you go are able to obtain a visa... Yes it should be about a year, but it could easily be 2. There is no way to know but you should be ready for the longest...
  5. Wolfpmd3

    CEC inland with Spouse inland but Non-accompanying

    Unless there is a condition in her WP stating that it becomes invalid once your WP does as well. Otherwise, her WP is valid until its expiration date. She can stay until her status expires in Canada. Extension most likely not unless she meets the conditions for it, which I doubt. Visitor visa...
  6. Wolfpmd3

    How to reach Canada for job

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    You don't need to check that with anyone in the forum, it is usually about 6 months but it varies widely. So, no way to know... it could be a couple of months or over a year... all you can do is wait now
  8. Wolfpmd3

    Adding spouse after AOR

    In this form, applicant refers to the person you are completing this form for. If it is your spouse's, it will be him/her. Otherwise it'd be a repetition of your form. This is meant to provide information on their each individual's immediate family members.
  9. Wolfpmd3

    Adding spouse after AOR

    No, there is nothing to worry about.
  10. Wolfpmd3

    Adding spouse after AOR

    1.1 is for the spouse to fill. The spouse is considered a dependent in this scenario. 2 and 3, for spouse as well I cannot remember exactly, but this it basically what you need: "To do so, we invite you to send your add-on request through the IRCC webform available on our website. You can...
  11. Wolfpmd3

    Getting Married after PR

    Being in India should not be an issue. Try logging from a different device.
  12. Wolfpmd3

    Theft Under $5000 - Withdrew

    Even if they do, do you have an alternative? Just submit the RCMP certificate and wait, that's the only thing left to do. BTW, since charges were withdrawn I highly doubt they will have any impact at all. Then you can reflect on why you don't steal in a country where you want to migrate to...
  13. Wolfpmd3

    My Workpermit doesnot show NOC code nor my offer letter has the roles and responsibilities

    Your work permit does not, and it will never display your NOC, that's non-sense. 1. Number 3 2. You should know that, your NOC is selected based on duties, not based on titles, so it is your call. 3. This is exactly what you need to support your work experience. 4. Its up to you., read this...
  14. Wolfpmd3

    Upfront medical before ITA

    There is no better or worse. Validity is one year, so it is of course better to plan to have it done at around the time you'd be expecting to get your ITA. It might be a bad idea to do it 6 months in advance, but doing it a couple weeks before will probably save you some time down the road.
  15. Wolfpmd3

    Upfront medical before ITA

    IT IS okay to. You don't need any document from IRCC to perform an UPFRONT medical exam, that is why it is called 'UPFRONT'. I got mine done about 2-3 weeks before even submitting my profile and getting my ITA, all you need is to find a physician and bring your passport.
  16. Wolfpmd3

    Designation issue for Canadian exp

    You can use any experience gained after you submitted your PGWP application. None of the experienced earned while under a study permit counts. Having said so, you should be aware of your situation. If you are employed in that company under a qualifying NOC then you are good. Just need to gather...
  17. Wolfpmd3

    Calculating 1 year of experience

    Source: IRCC (see link) "The following documents are mandatory for each work experience declared: a reference or experience letter from the employer, which should be an official document printed on company letterhead (must include the applicant’s name, the company’s contact information...