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    Experience Reference Letters - Company no longer exists

    Yes have the letter as the first page if the pdf document, explaining the situation and using bullet points write down all of the evidence you are providing. I ended up getting my PR so it worked for me
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    >>>>>>>SEPTEMBER 2019 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    I got my PR email woohoo! Apr 10 Sept, FSW Inland. Happy because review was required for my eligibility so I sent more letters to prove my job duties. Good luck everyone!!
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    Reference letter

    In addition to HR giving you a letter on company letterhead you could also include a letter (not on company letterhead) from your old manager confirming that you did the job duties and verifying your employment. Even better if they can show proof that they also worked there
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    Job Offer from

    It will be very difficult to get a job in Canada before you arrive so yes fake
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    Will online education count?

    If it is a Canadian university you don't need WES. It has to be an accredited course
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    travel history last ten years - after EE invitation

    Emails, calendar, passport stamps, plane tickets
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    Yes. There is a lot of information online. Please do your research and then post specific questions here, noone is going to tell you the exact steps when it is already online.
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    Physical years based on dates only
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    Can a startup have registered address as a residential address or needs to be a commercial building address to be considered valid for Express Entry?

    I don't think it matters. How would the immigration officer know if it is a residential or commercial address
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    Experience Reference Letters - Company no longer exists

    I have this issue too. I have provided as much documentation as I can, including letters from my past manager and a colleague, payslip, my salary slips, emails, and a phone list from the organisation. Explain everything in a letter and provide as much proof as you can. But if they don't accept...
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    Express Entry

    No you can't bring her. You need to be her legal guardian or parent (you will have to apply for adoption).
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    Express Entry Proof of Funds Problem with the Bank

    You are meant to show a 6 month average bank account balance. If you have only just deposited the funds in your account you may have trouble satisfying this. I don't know if a letter of explanation explaining the banking situation in your country will be OK. My lawyer told me to keep the minimum...
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    RPRF request

    Getting rprf used to mean you were close to getting PR but now it is part of the 2nd officer check after the completeness check. I got rprf fee request in October, it is now 4 months later and after seeing GCMS notes I see that the rfpr fee was noted missing, along with some other documents and...
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    >>>>>>>SEPTEMBER 2019 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    Actually you don't know what is going on in people's lives that they are really banking everything on hearing back about their PR. For me everything is hinging on it so the sooner I know the better. Good for you that you got it and your situation is great but maybe be a bit more sympathetic to...
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    Does type A work experience BEFORE degree count?

    Yes actually they did say minor in their original post, refer to point 1 in their question
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    Unable to provide documents of proof of relation with aunt in Canada- Express Entry

    Unfortunately there is always the possibility of rejection as you are supplying different evidence to what you initially claimed. Of course I cannot tell you either way, only immigration officers will decide. If you are really worried about it and not in a rush and have good CRS score you can...
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    Does type A work experience BEFORE degree count?

    You weren't a minor then, under 18 is a minor
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    Do I really have to take the money which I mention to Canada or just the minimum required?

    They can't reject you as long as you have the minimum required funds