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    Business Registration document in Hindi

    Can you have it translated so that the Visa Officer can understand what document it is.
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    Where to download my document on online visa application

    Your statement is confusing. I think you mean is where do you UPLOAD not download. When you hover the mouse on the question mark icon (?) per category, you will able to see what documents you can attach in the Travel History,Proof of Means..etc. Example: This should be on the Proof of Means...
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    Biometrics for family
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    Proof of means of financial support

    I think a screen shot would suffice. I have a bank account in Singapore. I have a passbook but but I was no longer staying there so it was not updated. When I applied for a TRV last April 2019, I just sent a screen shot of my bank transaction history/ summary as I was accessing it online.
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    Help please ! Visitor visa rejected

    Best if you indicate 2-3 weeks max stay. Indicating a month or so is not advised. Did you not attach one? Is is a requirement to attach a flight itinerary and a day to day itinerary as part of the purpose of visit. Flight itinerary can be from Expedia (or similar sites) or simply a screen shot...
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    Help please ! Visitor visa rejected

    What was your purpose? If you were refused because of personal assets then it means you did not meet the standard of the visa officer.
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    Tourist Visa

    The answer depends solely on your profile. If you can convince the immigration officer that you're in good health you don't have any criminal or immigration-related convictions you have ties—such as a job, home, financial assets or family—that will take you back to your home country you will...
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    NYC visitor application

    Did you receive the request for the Biometrics? You have no choice but to check their website for updates. All you can do is wait. For now Canada is closing its borders to non-citizens and anyone not holding permanent residence status, with the exception of U.S. citizens.
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    TRV Approved, special thanks to Bryanna

    How long is your husband working for the company? This could either be not enough tenure with the company or the salary is low for the visa officer. What was the purpose of visit? How long have you've been in Canada as a student? Even if your husband does not have any intention to overstay in...
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    one month over but still visa application is in process

    Check first for the processing time If beyond the time you can follow up at
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    Visitor Visa for parents and Corona

    No one can predict when the Corona virus will be over. You already presented the pros and cons.. Your call For TRV your parent's financial capacity will be assessed. For Super visa, it will be you. If you can support your parents. On the application just indicate 2-3 weeks vacation as it is...
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    Sharing timeline - Aunt's visit visa application

    I just suggested to put the whole profile so that people might not be misled that applying for a TRV is simple.
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    Wife's TRV is refused, I am on work permit in Canada

    Refer to this It says "If you are visiting Canada, you must prove that you can support yourself". The letter you gave negates the statement. The 1-8 stated on the list is meant for your wife which is the MAIN applicant. The finance support letter is from you. I think this is much applicable...
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    Wife's TRV is refused, I am on work permit in Canada

    Your wife's ties are strong in Canada because you are in Canada, she might stay and not go back. Her ties are weak in her home country. Ties refers to a job, family, assets and properties or simply reasons to go back. She has no job and you are her family. These reasons can make her decide to...
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    Sharing timeline - Aunt's visit visa application

    Your aunt qualifies for the CAN+ program and the previous Canadian visa would really make an impact on her recent application. It is better to present the whole profile. I say this because the "No bank statement" part might mislead people. Specially those who are applying from the Philippines.
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    Visitor Visa Before one year

    No. Plans change. What is important is you have a visa.
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    Sharing timeline - Aunt's visit visa application

    Has your Aunt visited or acquired a visa from U.S.A, Australia or any European countries?
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    Are you accompanying a family member that has status in Canada, or has recently been approved to come to Canada?

    Accompany means if people will "go with you or travel with you". Your answer should be YES as you and your husband are going together to Canada.
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    Visitor visa application - family info - accompnaying or non-accompanying ?

    Accompany means if people will "go with you or travel with you". Your answer should be NO as your husband is already in Canada.
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    Visit Visa Application from VFS Singapore..

    What was the reason for refusal? What is your nationality?