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    Work in Canada
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    Work in Canada
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    Car insurance in ontario

    The OP is asking if history from "home country" can be accepted. Assuming home country is not Canada nor USA because US and Canada share same data
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    Car insurance in ontario

    I don't think you can use your past insurance history to get better rates in Canada. Thats really not how insurance works. There are various factors that need to be considered, such as location, winter tires, type of car, model of car, etc
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    First find out who has accused you of being Gay and figure out how to fight those accusations
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    Difficulty boarding flight

    They cant stop you its just that they will ask you unnecessary questions. $$$ is the only solution. The fact that they are saying you do not meet the residency obligation directly translates into "Sir, do you have some change for chai pani? you take care of us and we take care of you :)
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    Coming to Canada from USA with no status in USA

    If you are not from any of the 7 listed countries you should be okay. The tweet from Trudeau about welcome to canada is just a marketing gimmick, dont take it literally. There are lots of red tape to cross before unwelcome USA residents can be legally welcome into canada
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    kitchen helper
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    Is this correct time to buy home in Canada? - Need experts advise

    There are a lot of things bank looks at that determine how much interest you'll be paying: 1. your credit score 2. down payment 3. income 4. stable job 5. bank statement
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    Is this correct time to buy home in Canada? - Need experts advise

    Correct time to buy is when you are ready, if prices are high now due to low interest rates then in the future prices may be low and interest rate very high. Whatever you save on principle will be towards interest. So most importantly whenever you are ready
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    Financial Advisor - Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network

    No its not. Its like Amway, Quixtar, Primerica multilevel marketing. In that case why join these companies. You could start your own banana business. Buy 10 bananas, get 5 people to buy 10 bananas and then get each of the five people to get five more people to buy 10 bananas and so forth. Before...
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    Prime Minister’s office delayed intake of Syrian refugees
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    Is it extreme weather in Toronto

    It is similar to NY, you need to make new relatives. If people have relatives like yours who needs enemies
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    Where do Canada’s Political Parties Stand on Refugee Intake?

    Re: Where do Canada's Political Parties Stand on Refugee Intake? Conservatives- None is too many NDP- Lets take atleast 50% Liberal- We are an immigrant nation lets take em all Green- Lets bring a tree with a refugee
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    How is Toronto compared to Mumbai?

    Unlike Mumbai you dont have much options for street food. Its also expensive and tasteless. You also wont see people sitting around on the streets doing absolutely nothing. Less pollution, less population, less eve teasers, pick pocketers, less beggers, city is dead after 10pm cause people have...
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    Asking for Asylum in Canada for Syrians

    Dislike on profile dosent mean squat, i can continue giving you dislikes and 6 months down the road tell you the same thing. So please dont give me this profile dislike non-sense logic.Yes Canada is not obligated. Lets start by how much has your so called Middle Eastern brothers helped you in...
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    PEI how is IT jobs there?

    Add to that high taxes and cost of living. Guess there is more money being a Fisherman in PEI than technology career
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    Asking for Asylum in Canada for Syrians

    What if their hair colour is not black? hmm ....hmmmm.....something to think about eh? whether the glass is half empty or half full. Besides if anyone holds a chip on their shoulders about refugees that would be the conservative government. Their policies have made it very hard for refugees to...
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    PEI how is IT jobs there?

    You r better off making a career change to fisherman for PEI
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    you can contact them anytime, dosent hurt to ask a question. Better safe than sorry