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    Refusal from york university

    Hlo, My study visa from York University got refused. Can someone tell me that how much time does university takes to return or refund college fees after sending request. Its urgent pls reply. Thank you
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    Sault Brampton campus

    Hlo... I have applied for Sault college in Brampton campus. But I don't know anything about it. Is it a good college and is it under sds? Pls provide information
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    choosing HRM after project management course

    Hlo.. If I apply for Project management course of 1 year, can I get HRM course for second year for good employment opportunities? Or I have to take another related course to project management, what will be other courses related to project management. Pls reply I have to apply soon. Thank you
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    Offer letter applied on 29 October for York University Jan 2020

    Thank you, Today I Also applied for lanbton college. Can you tell me about this college? Do lambton comes under sds and what are employment opportunities after getting pgdiploma from this college. Mississauga campus.
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    Offer letter applied on 29 October for York University Jan 2020

    I've applied for York University Jan 20 on 29 October and still not got OL. How much time does it takes , would I get it on time or not? can anyone tell me Pls.
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    What are the ways to ensure PR after 1 year of PG diploma?

    Hlo, I am facing the same situation. I'm going for one year graduate HRM course. And still worried about my next one year course which is business administration and will I able to get 3 year work permit after 1+1 year program. It's really confusing because some students got 3 year work...
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    I have applied for one year HRM course York University. Can I take another one year course after completion of first one year course? And I'm really worried if 1+1 year course can help me to get 3 year work permit ? Pls reply.