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  1. ashleighash

    Why do people give bad Karma when there has been nothing wrong/done....??

    :-[ I've only ever tried to help and give advice, and give an input....So whoever gave me the bad Karma, I'd like to know what I did to offend you......... :(
  2. ashleighash

    Anyone Apply OUTLAND ??

    Hi all, hope to get some good and hopefully positive feedback regarding sponsoring out land, apposed to in land. Did any of you do anything different ? Any tips or words of advice for applying out land ? Thanks in Advance for your replies. 8)
  3. ashleighash

    How many pictures is TOO many ???

    Hi guys, do you know if they have a MAXIMUM on pictures that you can send ?? I mean if I have been living with my husband for 3+ years in his country I have 1000+ pictures in and around the country. Has anyone come across a situation where there was TOO many/much pictures/information provided...
  4. ashleighash

    Prove of settlement back in Canada

    Hi everyone, I'm currently in the process of applying outside of Canada, I am a Canadian Citizen, but a Costa Rica Resident. (Legally) I work here in Costa Rica, as well help run a small tour company with my husband here in Costa Rica ( With whom I'm sponsoring) I understand that we are...
  5. ashleighash

    Medical Documents

    I've seen a lot of posters asking about Request of Medical Documents...I thought that we were supposed to submit those with the application ? I'm I missing something ??? Thanks in advance.
  6. ashleighash

    2nd time sponsoring

    Has anyone ever sponsored twice ? After the 3 year waiting period of course........? ;D
  7. ashleighash

    Second time Sponsoring, Is it better to send application to a different office

    Hi guys, my sister is Sponsoring her husband, but she has been married before in Canada to her Koren Husband and sponsored him(INSIDE Canada). The Koren Husband Received his Residency and they were divorced 3 years ago. He is now living back in Korea, re married with child. My sister has been...
  8. ashleighash

    Is it better to file with a NON-ACCOMPYING DEPENDANT or NOT

    Hi guys, does anyone know if it helps or hurts the case if you do not file your under 18 defendants that are non accompanying. In example, my husband has a son here from a previous marriage, does not see the child, nor wants too. Would it be better to just put him on the application and a...
  9. ashleighash

    Anyone applying from Central America ??

    Just want to share advice, tips and stories and your trials and tribulations about getting to OR from Canada
  10. ashleighash

    Anyone applying from COSTA RICA ??

    Hi, just wanted to share stories, tips and advice for anyone that is sponsoring their husband or wife to come to Canada ! :P ;D
  11. ashleighash

    Child Support in another country while in Canada

    What happens with issues regarding child support in a specific country, once you have recieved your permient residecny..? and will that effect the Immigrations Finial Decision ?? ??? :o
  12. ashleighash

    Dependant NON-accompanying Issues

    Hi everyone, I have a issue that I would love to receive any comments on. Right now my husband is from Costa Rica and I am from Canada and we are and have been living in Costa Rica the past two years. 10 years ago, my husband was married BRIEFLY and had a son from that marriage. Now the...