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  1. alxms10

    Does social assistance affect citizenship application?

    Hi guys I know that getting social assistance from the government affects application to sponsor your wife/husband? I am single and currently a PR, will social assistance affect my citizenship application once I decide to apply? Thanks
  2. alxms10

    Types of student aid/bursaries for students in Alberta

    Hi guys There is a lot of information and I am just getting lost each m=time I read about student aid/bursaries. What are the possibility for getting a student aid or bursary for permanent resident students in Alberta if I am a graduate student at a public university (UofA)? Any helps or...
  3. alxms10

    Best driving school in Edmonton?

    Hi guys If anyone has first hand experience in Edmonton-Alberta, what is a cheap/good driving school you'd recommend for basic road test (Class 5 GDL) who can also lend a car for the test? Any recommendations will be highly appreciated Thank you
  4. alxms10

    Can I use WES course by course for Express Entry

    Hi folks Asking for a friend: Can I use WES Course By Course for Express Entry? I know they want Document By Document, but I wanted to apply for APEGA PEng (which requires Course By Course) so I thought I'd do Course By Course now instead of upgrading Document By Document later on and save time.
  5. alxms10

    Alberta driver's knowledge test: what is the difference between these two signs?

    Hi guys I am preparing for the Alberta knowledge test. In principle, what is the different between the two signs below which seem to tell the same message, The one on the left is a designated lane sign and the one on the right is a permissive sign. Does anyone know?
  6. alxms10

    Alberta driving knowledge test in Ontario

    Hi guys I have passed my driving knowledge test in Alberta but cannot take the road test and have to move to Ontario. Does anyone have any experience or know if I can use this test result in Ontario? Or do I have to take Ontario's knowledge test? Hear from you soon Thank you
  7. alxms10

    Visitor TRV to EE PR

    Hi guys Hope all is good. I have a question: Can my brother who is here in Canada visiting (on a visitor TRV visa for maximum 6 months) apply for Express if meeting all requirements? If he gets ITA, can he easily transfer to a PR visa and PR process while initially applying to EE during his...
  8. alxms10

    Maximum length of TRV visa

    Hi guys Apologies if this question was aksed somewhere but I honestly looked thoroughly with no luck. My question: What is maximum length of a typical TRV visitor's visa that can be given for a family member (a brother) to visit? Is it 6 months with no exception? Thanks
  9. alxms10

    How to bring your wife-to-be to Canada

    Hey guys I hope you guys are all doing well I am a PR of Canada and I am currently outside Canada (back home) and intend to get married. I will be staying here for some few months. I know that in order to bring your wife to Canada as a PR (not a citizen) you have to be married and have a...
  10. alxms10

    Forms of governmental aids for newcomers

    Hey guys I hope you’re all doing great and enjoying your Canada endeavours I’ve been thinking for sometime before writing this thread (in fear of quick judgement) but decided to finally do it. As you all know, it is extremely challenging to move to a new country and as you also know finance...
  11. alxms10

    Do APEGA require Canadian experience for PEng?

    Hello engineers I read about APEGA's requirements to be a PEng in too much details and have only one question: Am I correct in understanding that APEGA do not require any Canadian experience as part of the 48-month requirement? Can it all be from outside Canada? Hear from you soon
  12. alxms10

    Best scenario to sponsor your wife?

    Dear all This is my first tread in the family class sponsorship forum and I am quiet lost. I have gone through the express entry program and I became a PR in August 2017 as a single applicant. I have read the Complete Guide (IMM 5289) and still have lots of questions. My scenario is as...
  13. alxms10

    EE application rejected for not providing passport even though I did provide it :(

    Guys My friend's application for EE was rejected for not providing a passport with his e-APR even though he did provide it and can still see it on his application and open it. Below is an extract of the letter he got: Dear #########: Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has...
  14. alxms10

    I cannot login to On-Line Services, what is the problem?

    Hi guys I cannot login to On-Line Services* to check the progress of my PR card application, even though I enter correct information (100% sure). What is going on anyone? Thanks *
  15. alxms10

    Question on photo attached to COPR and that required for PR card

    Hey guys I got issued with a PR visa and the COPR document. This COPR document has my 50x70mm photo attached to it with some sort of liquid glue (i.e. not with a stapler). When I land in Canada, will this photo attached to my COPR be the photo used to issue my PR card? Or will they ask for new...
  16. alxms10

    I got PR visa and COPR and issued a new passport, can I travel with both passports?

    Hey guys I got issued my PR visa and COPR last week for my current passport (expiring in 12/2018), let's call it passport 1. I also applied for a new passport this week and will be issued on Tuesday, let's call it passport 2. Now I have my PR visa on passport 1, and only passport 2 will be my...
  17. alxms10

    Do I need MCCEE to get ITA under Express Entry? +1 promised

    Dear friends I am asking on behalf of my medic brother: I understand that as an international medical graduate (IMG) I would need IELTS academic and MCCEE exam to practice medicine in Canada, but do I need MCCEE exam to apply for Express Entry and get ITA as a obligatory pre-requisite? This...
  18. alxms10

    I got PPR but no instructions on how they will send back passport, please help. +1 promised

    Dear friends I got PPR from CPC-Ottawa to submit my passport by COURIER ONLY to their Embassy in Cairo but no instructions whatsoever on how they will send back my passport. What's Ottawa's assumption here? Will they simply send it back to my "mailing" address? Or do they assume I will include...
  19. alxms10

    PPR from CPC-Ottawa, how will they send passport back?

    Dear friends I got an updated PPR from CPC-Ottawa (I got it first from London and then from Paris due to special circumstances). In the letter they say this: All required documents and passport (s) must be submitted in one single package, and sent by COURIER ONLY to the following address...
  20. alxms10

    No response to my CSE for over 17 days!

    Dear friends I received a PPR letter on 5th of May instructing me what to do to submit my passport. I submitted a CSE on 12th of May asking CIC (or rather Paris VO) for alternative means of sending my passport since their suggested visa office in Tunisia doesn't suit me as Tunisia won't admit...