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  1. vizsagar

    School Option in Quebec for Non French Speaking

    Heloo All, Will appreciate if somebody can help me with this situation. Please be informed that we are new immigrants to Quebec and we will be moving to Montreal by 21st of August 2015 from Dubai, United Arab Emirates as permanent residents. I have a daughter who's details are as follows :-...
  2. vizsagar

    Settling in Quebec after completion of studies

    Hi All, Would like to know what is the procedure to apply for PR or how can one get PR etc. done while studying in Quebec or after completing graduation then how can one apply for it. Will appreciate if somebody can share links or give some info. in this regard. Thanks in advance!! God...
  3. vizsagar

    CAQ clarification required for Qubec Universities

    Hi All, I have received acceptance letter from Concordia University and Bishops University in Quebec. I am a transfer student of first year. Concordia University has given conditional offer and Bishops unconditional offer and my first choice is Concordia. I have already applied for CAQ on the...
  4. vizsagar

    Concordia September 2014 intake ex UAE or Gulf

    Hi All, Anyone joining Concordia University this September 2014. Let us share our experiences here. Viz
  5. vizsagar

    Concordia September 2014 intake ex UAE or Gulf

    Hi Guys, Anyone joining Concordia University September 2014 intake. Let us us get together here. Viz
  6. vizsagar

    Processing Time at Abu Dhabi Visa office

    Hello Everyone, Would like to know if anyone has any idea with regards to processing time of files and medicals etc. at Abu Dhabi visa office. I have applied under Quebec investor category and I have got my file no. from CIO Nova Scotia on 19th April 2013 and file status on online shows only...
  7. vizsagar

    Quebec Business Category Processing time

    Hi Guys, I have applied under investor migration program in Quebec. I had attended my interview in Montreal and got my CSQ, paid the required funds, submitted all the documents as well and got my file no. on 19th April 2013. My file was submitted to Centralized Intake office (CIO), Surrey...