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  1. vjosi

    Life during Covid-19

    I am creating this thread with the hope that we will share information and resources about how to do well now that all these measures are taking place. Please have your say on how to get the funds that the government is preparing for us that are now left unemployed because businesses are closing
  2. vjosi

    Pre landing preparation

    Hi all, This forum has helped me a lot during my Express Entry journey and now I am planning to land in mid-October. I am trying to find threads in this forum but still nothing. If anyone could tell me what preparation in terms of documents should I do. Pls can you link me to any thread that...
  3. vjosi

    Accent affecting employment possibilities

    I came across this article and thought to share it with you and to get your opinion. Sandeep Gupta immigrated to Canada with more than 15 years of IT experience, hopeful that he would land a job in the field where he is qualified. Shortly after arriving in Toronto in 2014, he sent out resumes...