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    No local office transfer this normal ...seniors please advise

    Hi , I applied in Nov 2014 , received email AOR in Jan 2015 , went into in process on Feb 3rd 2015 . However since that date , my application has not been transferred to my local office . Kindly advise is this normal for a file to stuck that long in Sydney . Besides , what could be any...
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    Forgot to mention a trip before landing in Canada (falls in the 4 years period)

    Hi , I forgot to mention a trip in my form which falls in the last 4 years period but at that time I was neither a PR nor living in Canada. I applied with ZERO absence days in the last 3 years , however now I realized that I forgot to mention a trip to my home country before landing in Canada ...
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    How do CIC return application ? regular or registered post ?

    Hi , I was wondering how do CIC return application ? Regular or registered post ? I am asking as today the Canada post employee left a failure of delivery notification at my door step for a package to be picked up not before tomorrow afternoon from local canada post office . I am afraid it...
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    2 pieces of ID for minors

    Hello , I am going to apply tomorrow. Kindly advise what did you submit as 2 pieces of ID for a minor . I live in AB where neither the school card nor the health card bear photo. Should I submit his health card and another copy of his passport/PR card (although I am already sending a copy for...
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    Original degree/diploma or COPY as a language proof ? please share

    Hi , My son who is above 18 , going to apply for citizenship. As a language proof does he need to submit his original High school diploma from Canada or the copy could suffice ? Anyone having application "in process" please share your experience . Thanks
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    Did anyone get RQ who applied with new application forms

    Hi, I was wondering did any one get RQed, who applied using the new application forms (effective Nov. 1st 2012).As the new form contains CBSA content clause, CIC should have already access to one s travel history, in that case RQ should be redundant.
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    Interesting article

    I dont know how people will take it,but found the "last line" of this article pretty interesting,so thought of sharing.
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    Another step towards faster cit. test option

    Another step towards faster processing not only for future but for present applicants as well. Applicants who have/will fail the citizenship test will have the option of re-schedule it for another test within 4-8 weeks of taking the first test.This option will become available to the current...
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    Career Fair in Calgary....for those looking for a job

    FYI. For those looking for a job in Calgary. Good Luck! Job Seeker Career Fair Registration Career Fair Tuesday, August 13 2013 11:00 am - 4:00pm The Telus Convention Centre 120 9 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2G 0P3 Local businesses will be onsite looking to meet job seekers...
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    Kenny "re-recognizes "citizenship delays

    Hi, Here is an extract of an article about citizenship delays discussed by Minister Kenny during an interview. The next big item on Mr. Kenney's agenda is to improve the process of citizenship for permanent residents who have applied for citizenship, said Jason Kenney, Minister of...
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    Jason Kenny 's 12 months processing

    Hi, Jason Kenny re-confirms 12 months goal for routine applications ,on twitter. Lets hope things will start improving in future,although I believe they have already started to streamline this process,which is being reflected in timelines of some new cases.
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    A unique (and may be fastest) RQ case

    Hi, I found an RQ case at another forum,which got test date after just one month of RQ docs. submission ,so thought of sharing.May be it could be useful for people who have been RQed.
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    Have been out of CA once but no CBSA stamp in Passport, Leon plz advise..

    Hi, Since our landing here, in 2011,my husband went outside of Canada (not U.S.) once for 27 days.But,unfortunately his passport was not stamped by CBSA authorities neither for the entry nor for the exit.I do have his boarding pass for his return flight but not for the departure...
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    Citizenship processing in 9 months for some !!!!!

    Hi, Although,CIC s official website showing an average processing time of 23 months ,still they are some lucky ones who are getting it in as early as 9 months. FYI: mafaz brampton 5 Posts Posted - 05/03/2013 : 10:04:50...
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    35 months......may be the maximum waiting period for RQ receivers ????

    FYI An extract of posts from another forum.( Originally posted by mason last time I spoke with CIC agent (approx. 10 days ago)I was told the RQ process will take not more than 35 months from the time they...
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    Jason Kenny wants citizenship applications processed in 12 months Now they are starting to admit.Hopefully soon they will start to introduce an action plan to achieve it.
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    Any news about application fee hike?

    Hi, I was just wondering ,has any one got any info about when the new proposition of an increased application fee could be imposed? I believe it will definitely cause some speed up for the routine applications ,however it will be interesting to see whether it will effect the old applications...
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    Increase in citizenship application fee might speed up processing!!!!

    Hi, According to a proposed inrease in citizenship application fee in the next budget,things might speed up and processing times might be gradually reduced.
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    Anyone doing/done mortgage with Ijara Canada (Ijara loans)

    Hi, Is there anyone who has got his/her house financing through Ijara Canada Or anyone having any experience with them , please share? Thanks
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    Anyone studying at Athabasca University Business programme?

    Hi , Is there anyone studying at Athabasca University? Thanks!