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  1. simb

    name change in ontario

    I need advice on changing the name. I have checked online for changing the name in ontario. soon will be canadian pr , I am thinking of changing my name. I have checked this website almost i have got every answer to my question...
  2. simb

    can family sponsored person apply 4 visitor visa while app is in process?

    my sponsorship application under family class is already in process. is any chance i can apply for visitor visa to canada? do you think they will give me the visa knowing my file is already with them?
  3. simb

    suggestions for us greencard holder visiting canada

    my husband has filed my sponsership for Canada and I am a US greencard holder. can i go and visit him ? will this be a big issue that my file is in process and I am visiting him for couple of months ? as US greencard holder can stay in Canada for upto 6months. what questions will the...
  4. simb

    march 2012 applicants..!

    90 days... updated may 7... when will they start with march. they are taking 2weeks for doing one week's applications..