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    TRV 2018 online. share your timeline Philippines

    i see. sorry, i failed to check when it changed from "we are reviewing whether you meet the eligibility requirements." i just counted the days from submission and request for passport which is around 18 days.
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    TRV 2018 online. share your timeline Philippines

    sir. my application says "Review of eligibility Your eligibility has been reviewed. Please see the final decision below." no other requirements was requested after my submission of application online. feel free to ask me questions, i'd be glad to help.
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    TRV 2018 online. share your timeline Philippines

    hi guys. Want to share my timeline. visitor visa expired 2017. applied online oct 26 2018 passport requested nov 13 passport submitted nov 15 passport received nov 20
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    Applying for TRV soon. Chances of refusal?

    No problem. I stated that i'm not financially dependent in the form. Then I did submit a letter in the optional section explaining my reasons. I clearly mentioned in the letter that "i chose that answer in the form because of..." I'm glad to help. Feel free to ask me if you have anymore questions.
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    Applying for TRV soon. Chances of refusal?

    Hi. I had the exact situation but i applied along with my parents and had a US visa, some travel history and clean record. I just indicated there about my situation and tried to be honest in explaining why I don't have a formal income tax, properties, accounts, etc. Maybe applying with your...
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    TRV philippines passport

    Canada Visa Application Centre VFS Services Phils. Pvt. Inc. 29th Floor The World Center Bldg 330 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City Philippines yes sir there are fees. In my case around 800 pesos. I requested my visa to be sent through courier to our home (quezon province). I think there was...
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    November 2018 timeline Philippines

    i applied oct 26 online from the philppines. request for passport arrived nov 13.
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    They don't, as long as you can convince them you're going to leave canada after your visit.
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    TRV philippines passport

    Hi. I, along with my parents applied for TRV online; received by CIC oct 26; received the passport request after 17 days (17 days is the ave. processing time in the phililppines). We plan to send the passports in-person. I just want to clarify: requirements: - passport - passport request letter...
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    October TRV

    hi. I applied from the Philippines, online application. I received a letter requesting for passport after 17 days. The average processing time according to CIC website is 17 days. Note that I, along with my parents had a TRV 2 years ago so this is sort of a renewal. I don't know if that helps if...
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    October TRV

    oct 26 here. no results yet after 16 days.
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    Ques. about visitor visa

    sir. i think your question is a little confusing because there are a few consent forms in the application. you can check the vfs site for your requirements depending on your case. in my case, i prepared all the forms myself and applied online 2 years ago and i submitted 1 vfs consent form along...
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    Will my TRV be approved?

    sad to hear about your situation. however, there are other posts here getting visa's refused even as their relative is terminally ill. i'm not trying to scare you but just be aware of this. usually better to have visa's in other countries and travel history in those countries. but anyway, yes...
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    Letter format

    The details needed are indicated in the requirements. Check the requirements in the website. If the PR ID isn't available yet, you can include whatever ID he is currently using then explain in the letter that you are still waiting for his PR.
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    it's better to show assets such as properties or businesses because you could technically use the money even if you don't return to your home country while you need to return home if you need to manage the business/properties.
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    GCKey Account

    yes you can use the same gckey. you can even make a new one (in my case, i forgot my password), then link your old applications to your new account.
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    How to fill Work History Since 10 years on application form online

    what i did is download another copy of the form, fill out the employment section, print, scanned it and submit it on that "explanation section."
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    Proof of funds for TRV

    i'm not sure if it's the same but in my temporary resident visitor visa application, there is a section "proof of financial support" where you need to include those things like bank statements, etc.
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    Visitor visa: IMM 5707e doesn't allow saving

    if you are applying online, you only need to press the validate button after completing the form. You submit the Validated form and upload it on the submission section of your CIC account. There will be labels there ie: travel history "upload file"
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    Want to apply for my mother’s visit visa

    you can apply for a TRV (temporary resident visa) here It's better if you use her bank statements because this will show she is able to support herself financially. You need to included properties/businesses of...