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    Home Support Worker Pilot (Updates)

    you applied in home child care pilot program ? if yes then , pl don't forget to post over here if you receive anything , like AOR , or with AOR , MEDICAL OR BIO METRIC? Because I'm March applicant in this program.
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    Home Support Worker Pilot

    You applied in this Home child care pilot program?
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    Home child caregiver application.

    I applied in march 2020 and still waiting, February applicants also in queue so, you have to wait a long because this process is sluggish.
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    any one received AOR after January 2020? I applied in march 2020, and still waiting .... We have to do something for this tortoise walk process. Please its a request. I don't have any idea what to do. pl post over here for this process.
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    yessss, I applied in march , waiting like no end.........
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    Home Childcare Provider Pilot 2019

    in general , we have to write , pl speed up the process of HOME CHILD CARE PILOT PROGRAM . WHAT TO WRITE CAN YOU ELABORATE?
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    Home Childcare Provider Pilot 2019

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    Home Support Worker Pilot (Updates)

    yaaa, please any one applied in feb and received AOR?
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    Home Childcare Provider Pilot 2019

    can you share the link of Mr. Marco twitter a/c?
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    yes, please i am also march applicant.
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    Home Childcare Provider Pilot 2019

    any progress in your application ?
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    Home Childcare Provider Pilot 2019

    yes please explain.
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    Home Childcare Provider Pilot 2019

    I am also March Applicant , pl reply. Any one can explain How long we have to wait after receiving AOR? pl reply. ( for Medical/ Biometric any background check?
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    FEB 2020 AOR UPDATE ?

    thank you.
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    Caregivers from india( outside applicant) timeline please

    My application date march 23 2020. No AOR YET...... i heard someone from Jan 16/17 got Aor on 5th Sept. Hoping to receive asap.
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    Home Childcare Provider Pilot - Update??!

    R u Serious nothing you received after AOR, ITS almost a year. ? no any update for medical , background check? kindly reply.
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    FEB 2020 AOR UPDATE ?

    I applied in March 2020, So, Might be I vl get AOR after you, if you received any thing from them ,please let me know . its a request because no any source to get information except this forum. No email id , or contact to Edmonton,. please don't forget to post overhear. I am from outside canada.
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    Home support worker received at CPC edmonton January 2020. AOR timeline pls

    can you please share from which email id they are sending AOR,, because I sent my application on march 2020 , and still waiting for AOR. otherwise can you share image of yours AOR. YOU received for medical & bio-metric too, please try to give the answer asap. Thanks in Advance.
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    December 2019 AOR

    Which program ?
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    December 2019 AOR

    In which program you received AOR?