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    Getting DL extract or letter from Mumbai RTO to speed up G2?

    as subodh said, you can give it a try. its Rs 90 and if you get it, nothing like it.
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    PR Card Photos rejected

    The address is correct for regular email. below is the snippet i received in the email: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- By regular mail: Case Processing Centre - PRC P.O. Box 4500 Sydney, Nova Scotia B1P 6L1 If you would like to have proof that your...
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    PR Card Photos rejected

    my photos were also rejected, these were taken back in India. i got them taken again for my whole family at Costco (around $7 for 2 photos per person - got them stamped at the back as per the requirement). he knew and got it right the first time. got my PR cards in a couple of weeks time. rest...
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    Bank and Cellphone Network

    i opted for Chatr (prepaid). Got it from Rogers store. its readily available with them and i was able to get it working in 20 min (including the registration/fee etc). the sim costs $10. i opted for a $45 plan which had 4GB data and Canada wide unlimited calling and texts (local, national and...
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    Proof of Funds while Landing in Toronto - please share recent experience!!

    I landed roughly a month ago at Toronto airport (YYZ) and no one asked anything about proof of funds. however, what i did was - carried a couple of hundred in cash and around a thousand bucks in forex card. Then, after 3-4 days, I enquired around in the banks and opened an account in the bank of...
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    Getting DL extract or letter from Mumbai RTO to speed up G2?

    Here's how to get there: go to : click on Driving License Related Services (scroll down a little and you can see this on a blue bar in the middle of the page, to the right) On the resulting page, choose the state, in your case Maharashtra. You will see quite a...
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    MTO approved driving lessons vs regular lessons

    Hello Everyone, I have a query regarding taking driving lessons. I have cleared G1 and got my experience added. I am now eligible to take G directly, for which I need to take classes. I came across some information which says that if I take classes from an MTO approved driving school, it will...
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    Query: Send your stuff before arriving in Canada

    Thank you Scylla for getting back on this. however I have a follow up query. If I send some stuff via a courier, how it can be traced back to me to identify this as a PRE shipment. how would one know that its someone with a PR who is sending this before his arrival? not going the wrong way here...
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    Query: Send your stuff before arriving in Canada

    Hi Everyone, need help with a query. I am planning to go to Canada in May19. However, I want to send some stuff ( like clothes, a few kitchen utencils - no gadgets or appliances at all) to my relatives in Canada so that these are there before I reach. Do I need to declare/mention it somewhere...
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    August AOR

    what is a ghost update? can you please share.
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    PPR timeline - problem with travel abroad (coming up)

    Hi, I have a situation here which I am hoping someone can help me with. Q1: How much time is one given to send passports after receiving the PPR? My application acquired IP2 stage on 17th Nov 2018. as per my search on internet and blogs, it is taking 14-20 days for PPR. I have an official US...
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    Timeline for PR application

    Hello, I would like to request your help in getting help on a query. I have submitted bu PR application on 31st Jul 18 under EE. around 23 days later I got an update that we have passed the medicals (myself, my wife and son), however its been roughly around 3.5 months that I have got no further...