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    Global Transfer of Amex from U.S. to Canada for Credit Score

    I am looking at doing a global transfer to Canada too. I already have a credit profile in Canada. Were you approved after sending the paystubs? Did they actually call your bank to confirm paychecks were being deposited? What was the credit limit they gave you? How long did the whole process take?
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    OHIP Card Delivery Time

    We landed as PRs about two months ago. I'm aware to be eligible for OHIP there is a 3 month waiting period. I wanted to know when is the earliest we can apply? Do we have to wait till the 3 month waiting period is over before we can apply? Is it possible to apply a couple of weeks before the 3...
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    New Immigrant - Buying with no loan.

    Thanks Zia. One more question is it possible to get a conventional mortgage with 20% down payment showing my foreign employment income and credit history from my home country? I can get reference letters from my employer, bank etc.
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    New Immigrant - Buying with no loan.

    Hi Zia, I'm moving to Canada in a couple of months. We are looking to buy a home. We can put down 35% down payment. I won't have a job in Canada but I will be continuing my employment with my employer in my home country (working from home). Is it possible to get a mortgage in my case?
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    Getting mortgage with foreign employment

    I will be moving to Canada in the next couple of months. I will be continuing my employment with my current employer in my home country (working from home). In this scenario what are the chances of getting a mortgage in Canada?
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    Package Transmission Fee for COPR

    I'm in Melbourne, Australia. I got my PPR mail and am looking to send the required documents to VFS Melbourne for COPR. The Australia VFS website says $52 fee has to be paid for Package Transmission (per package). Is this...
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    IRCC says medicals not received but asks for RPRF fee

    Hello all, we finished our medicals in Dec and applied after that. On Wednesday (April 24), we got a letter from IRCC that my son's medicals were not received by them. They told us to contact the Panel Physician who conducted the medicals to ensure all required tests were completed and that...
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    December 2018 AOR - join here

    My AOR is Dec 10. On Monday, Jan 21, my medicals status changed to "We are reviewing the results of your medical exam". Till date status has not changed. My wife has a tattoo and we asked to do an additional medical test which was done at the same time as the other tests. We have not been asked...
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    Express Entry : Review of Medical results , AOR 30th Nov

    I have the same status with AOR Dec 10. Any idea what's going on?
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    Gap in Personal History

    I just realized I left a gap in my wife's personal history when I submitted my application. How do I correct this? AOR is Dec 10.
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    Medicals question

    I'm looking at getting medicals done next month. While booking the appointment I was asked if I need the medicals with X-ray or without? Can someone confirm if I need medicals with X-ray or without? I'm applying from Melbourne, Australia.
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    Ray of Hope - 82nd Draw

    Hello all, I have started creating my EE profile and had a question about work experience. I was in a full time job from Jan 2009-Jan 2016 which I will use for points. From 2016 to present, I am self-employed and my income has been irregular. Can I just use my past job for points or do I have to...